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Really? Character?  Why are you talking about character, Danita, when what we really need are sales strategies to hit our growth targets and sales numbers? Does character really make a difference?In a recent Forbes article, I share Steve’s story. His lack of accountability caused him to lose his prospect’s trust – and the sale.

Have you ever tried filling a cracked pot with water? It’s impossible, frustrating, and exhausting. The water keeps running out through the cracks. If your emerging sales leader has character cracks, this is what you will experience.How can you strengthen your millennial sales leader’s character core?

Energizing and equipping CEO’s to stop complaining, and to start coaching Millennials, is my motivation for being on the Forbes Coaches Council. In case you've missed articles, here are some top tips to strengthen and improve your sales results.Where are you seeing that your Millennial leader needs help to improve sales results and sales performance?