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“Ramp up your efforts to mentor Millennials for leadership roles in your business.” – Danita Bye

  Charlie is the President of a technology company and Millennials make up 35% of his current workforce. After completing the Millennial Survey, he sent me a very encouraging message as it aligns 100% with my Next-Gen leadership development recommendations. Charlie is purposefully proactive in developing the leadership qualities of his up-and-coming team, so that they will help build his company. Why is this so important? Researchers project that nearly 80 percent of current business leaders and CEOs will retire within the next ten years.[1] Each one will take with them decades of experience and wisdom. What is your transition strategy to ensure your company will continue to reap the rewards of the blood and sweat you’ve invested over the years? [1]It's Time To Retire Retirement

Does your Millennial have clarity about his or her role to boost your business and sales growth efforts, or are they confused? In writing Millennials Matter, I interviewed Brandon Schaefer, the CEO of Five CapitalsBrandon’s recommendations for business owners to build our next generation of leaders, confirms my research about Millennials.

Andrew, CEO of a engineering company, voiced his concern and frustration about finding the right salespeople, especially millennials that will successfully sell. Six months ago he hired a salesperson who was a star performer in his previous company, a large financial institution. “After giving him enough time to prove himself I’m just not seeing the results,” Andrew sighed. What does your company’s perfect salesperson looks like?

Alan, CEO of engineering firm, says, “Danita, I’m feeling very frustrated! The pipeline looks great, but the sales cycles are so incredibly long. I need to see business this year, not in three years! Is there any way of shortening the process to get the business sooner, rather than later?” Alan is one of the business CEO’s and sales leaders I work with who want to increase the capabilities of their sales teams so that they can consistently meet and exceed their strategic growth objectives. Many salespeople don’t even realize why deals are languishing in the pipeline and they have such difficulty cracking new accounts. Why? They keep doing the same old thing year after year. What do they need to do differently to shorten the sales cycle?