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Five small steps you can take to make a huge impact on your next-gen leader’s growth. Over the past 5 weeks, I’ve shared video clips of the 5 top tips from my first ever TEDx talk, “Millennial Leadership: Stop Complaining, Start Coaching.” Check them out, then let me know your thoughts, perspectives, and experiences.

We need resilient Millennials to reach our growth goals - all CEO’s, business leaders, and sales executives agree. In today’s fast-changing business environment, resilience is a sought-after character trait. Yet, finding Millennial salespeople with mental toughness isn’t always easy. Some of the leaders I talk to, compare it to looking for a needle in a haystack. In my recent Forbes article, Two Secrets to Building Resilience in Millennial Leaders to Achieve Sales Results, I discuss three action steps to assist you as you coach and mentor your millennial sales leader on resiliency. You can read the full Forbes article here. How can you use your experience and wisdom to transform your millennial salespeople into resilient leaders who can reach and exceed their sales goals?

“Ramp up your efforts to mentor Millennials for leadership roles in your business.” – Danita Bye

  Charlie is the President of a technology company and Millennials make up 35% of his current workforce. After completing the Millennial Survey, he sent me a very encouraging message as it aligns 100% with my Next-Gen leadership development recommendations. Charlie is purposefully proactive in developing the leadership qualities of his up-and-coming team, so that they will help build his company. Why is this so important? Researchers project that nearly 80 percent of current business leaders and CEOs will retire within the next ten years.[1] Each one will take with them decades of experience and wisdom. What is your transition strategy to ensure your company will continue to reap the rewards of the blood and sweat you’ve invested over the years? [1]It's Time To Retire Retirement

I still savor Jim Collins’ sage advice: “First, put the right people on the bus. Then, get the wrong people off the bus and get the right people into the right seats. Then you can drive the bus anywhere.” To get the growth you’re charting and envision in your strategic growth plan, one of the “right people” needed on your business bus is a competent sales manager and leader. A sales leader who – gets it, wants, it and has the capacity to do it. So, what are the components of “it”?