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 We often accuse Millennials of being addicted to their technology, don't we?Personal confession: I’m guilty too!”Here's me with my family having "family time" at the Minnesota State Fair.  Hilarious, huh? Well, actually it's a bit embarrassing that someone caught this on camera.What about you?

In our Millennial Survey, one of the participants directed me to her favorite domino video – you may have seen it before. A physicist demonstrates how a domino can knock over another domino one and a half times its size. He continues to explain that, in only 29 moves, a micro-sized domino that’s only five millimeters high can eventually knock down a domino the size of the Empire State Building. Amazing, isn’t it?

When I wrote Millennials Matter, I invited a group of emerging leaders to review the first draft and provide feedback. One of the millennial reviewers said: “We can get a million likes, and still feel empty. We need to hear real affirmations from real people in real-time about our gifts and talents. Why? So that we get to know ourselves, how we’re wired, and how we can serve.