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How do you react when people on your team drive you nuts? Do you ever shake your head in amazement when you see the illogical (or downright stupid) things they sometimes do? (Personal confession: I sometimes do. Of course, I work hard to keep my cool, collected business face on…but, inside I’m thinking, “You’re nuts!”) Check out this article on How Great Leaders Get their Sales Growth Results.

Both Bob Klein, my first sales manager at Xerox (pictured above at our Millennials Matter kick-off event in Minneapolis) and Janie Jasin, my speaking coach, are masters of the Invitation / Challenge Framework. As you become more familiar with this coaching and leading matrix, I believe you'll find it to be a transformative model that will work for you, and your next-gen leader, regardless of where they are in their growth curve. Let's find out more.

Who are the key leaders, managers, coaches, and mentors who invested in your leadership development when you were still an "emerging leader" - still rough around the edges? What sage words were deeply imprinted into your heart or head, even though it may have happened decades ago? Today, I pay tribute to one of these people. Janie Jasin, author, speaker, coach, mentor, and dear friend, deserves my deepest gratitude.