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The best leaders understand the anatomy of strategy, discover the green space, shift accordingly, and execute boldly.In this 3-Part series, Paul Cronin, Executive Coach, and colleague, Robert Crumpton, share valuable key insights on how business leaders might create a dominant position in today's volatile marketplace. (See full article at Leadership in a Changed World: How to Leverage These 3 Skills in a Changed World)

How might you create a dominant position in today’s volatile marketplace?It may seem impossible. Yet, Paul and Bobby suggest that it's doable.Paul Cronin, an Executive Coach to over 60 CEOs and their leadership teams, and Robert Crumpton, co-founder of Space Monkey’s strategic marketing, highlight the plight of business leaders today. But it’s not a doom-and-gloom article.

When I wrote Millennials Matter, I invited a group of emerging leaders to review the first draft and provide feedback. One of the millennial reviewers said: “We can get a million likes, and still feel empty. We need to hear real affirmations from real people in real-time about our gifts and talents. Why? So that we get to know ourselves, how we’re wired, and how we can serve.