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How to Manage Millennial Stereotypes that Frustrates you?

I posted this question to business owners and sales leaders in a survey I conducted as part of my research for my new book, Millennials Matter. After studying their responses, I realized that some of the frustrations they mentioned could be linked to the different values people place on things like timeliness. For some, arriving early for a meeting means you’re on time. Others feel that when you arrive on time you’re late! My next article provides a summary of the RESPECTseries. It will be a helpful reference guide on How to Manage Millennials, and to use as you share your wisdom and leadership with your Millennial sales leader to bring out the best in him or her. When we visited a village in the interior of Tanzania, they announce that the meeting will start when “everyone shows up.” Therefore, we had a meeting scheduled for after church, which I envisioned was about 1 PM – after lunch. However, I was wrong. It started “when everyone showed up” – which was around four in the afternoon. Of course, this was after I had heat stroke from standing around in the brutal African sun for three extra hours, which I hadn’t prepared for