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Every top-class athlete faces what feels like unsurmountable obstacles, as part of their leadership development journey.And, every top-class athlete has a coach who challenges them. The coach inspires them to see the world differently and to develop the mental toughness, the grit, the mindsets needed to succeed even in the midst of chaos.The market is chaotic. The coronavirus is changing the global landscape.Your Millennial salesperson also needs a coach, just like any top-class athlete needs a coach, to deal with the obstacles they are facing.Will you be that trusted sales performance management coach?

Are you nuts about the Millennials on your sales team?  Or, are they driving you nuts?Collins Dictionary defines “being nuts” as a slang term for being very enthusiastic about something or someone. Conversely, The Free Dictionary, describes the feeling that something or someone is “driving you nuts” as being frustrated to the point of exasperation!So where do you stand in working with your emerging sales superstar?

Creating a motivational culture for your emerging sales leaders and BDRs needs to be a top priority for every sales leader who is committed to exceeding their growth strategy. However, before you can know HOW to motivate them, you must understand the specific preferences and drivers of the individuals on your team. Have you been able to figure it out?