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By the time you read this article, my husband, Gordon, and I will be far away from North Dakota. First, we’ll be visiting family and friends, and then…traveling to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to see the breathtaking colors of fall. And all of this will be happening with me at the back of Gordon’s Honda Goldwing.Why are we willing to take on the added risk and (sometimes) discomfort of traveling on a motorcycle?

Here’s a shocking statistic. Only 33% of America’s employees are engaged at work. The other 67% are either passively checked out or actively working against the interests of their employers.  How many checked-out Millennial leaders and salespeople do you see on your teams?In my recent Forbes article: Three Steps To Turn Disengaged Millennial Leaders Into Top Performers we discuss the importance of getting your millennial sales leaders back on board, fully engaged. The benefit? A marked improvement in your sales performance.Are your sales teams exceeding targets? Or, do you have concerns?