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In the midst of a Recovery, with unpredictable markets and fear still raging on social media 24/7, what's one idea that will help your business actually "recover" during the Recovery? It's accountability. Yet, how do you nurture personal responsibility and build a culture of accountability in your Millennial salespeople when blame-gaming is rampant in our culture? It seems impossible, doesn't it? Yet, that’s what we are called to do as business and sales leaders - build a successful culture that will actually "recover."

“Coaching my Millennial sales You've got to be kidding! I have too many other fires that need attention ASAP!" I could see Dan was ready to give me the eye-roll, but instead, he just sighed and said, “Danita, I’ve tried, but I don’t have time – I’ve got more important things to do with this economic crisis we’re facing.”