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“The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting my life! Working from home isn’t easy.  I can’t focus, please help!” What are you hearing from your Millennial salespeople who are working remotely? What about your sales managers? What are their concerns as they struggle to keep the sales team focused and on target in the midst of uncertainty?

"What are the most effective sales management performance strategies for this chaotic, uncertain times?" Hunter and I hear this question every day from CEOs, presidents, and owners committed to maximizing their sales investment...even now. Historically, over  70 of sales leaders and sales managers report frustration in managing a millennial sales team.  And now, many of those leaders are doing it remotely!  Yikes!  What now? Yes, managing a virtual Millennial sales staff can be challenging. But here’s good news…

Frustrated managing and leading remote salespeople? With unprecedented challenges on a global scale, we may have to get used to a "new normal" in leading and managing our Millennial salespeople. That's exactly what we will be talking about at The Millennial Sales Growth Webinar Series. It's a 3-week webinar series, starting April 9th at 10 AM Central.