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And so the Millennials Matter Movement continues to grow!When we return from our motorcycle tour, there are more interviews and speaking engagements waiting. All the help and continued support are helping to make Millennials Matter a great success. Here are some of the people I would like to thank. To see more pictures of the people and places I've been, click here.

My phone rings. It’s Sarah.  I sensed that she’s very upset.  She desperately wanted the promotion, but she failed the interview.  She’s convinced that this means the end of the line for her at her current job.  Now she’s asking my help to update her resume. So, we set up a coffee time.At my recent TedX Talk, I shared Sarah’s story to inspire the audience to take the time to help Millennial Leaders discover their Life’s Core Purpose.What are you doing to get your Millennial sales leader aligned with how they are wired for success?

Kicking off the Millennial’s Matter Movement has been rewarding! Thanks for everyone’s help – endorsers, Amazon reviewers, LinkedIn and Facebook supporters. It’s been a whirlwind of coast-to-coast speaking engagements, functions, radio interviews, and podcasts.Strategizing with leaders from all walks of life, from presidents to pastors to parents, has strengthened and confirmed my passion for energizing and equipping an army of character-based leaders committed to building Next Gen leaders. It’s good work for business growth, sales results and leadership at all levels.Here’s a sampling of some of the places I’ve been and people I’ve met on this incredible journey.

Jim Brangenberg recently interviewed me to learn more about my leadership guidebook, Millennials Matter.  One of the questions he asked me was, “Danita, what is it that you want the world to know?My response?“I want the world to know that this task, mentoring the next generation of leaders, is a test of our generation.”Are you seeing Millennial leaders step up to take up leadership roles in our business, church, community and non-profit organizations?