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60% of sales professionals are affected by the virus. Ugh!Accountability, responsibility, and ownership are crucial elements needed for vibrant business growth. However, CEO’s and business leaders tell me they see an alarming trend. Many of their emerging BDRs and salespeople seem to be infected with the blame-game, finger-pointing virus.What do you see when you analyze your sales professionals’ performance?

“Your sales coaching will help the next generation to become assets to your business.” - Danita Bye
 How are you tapping into the brilliance of your up-and-coming Millennial sales leader to boost your sales growth?  Or, are you leaving them feeling unsettled and unsure of their next step up the sales leadership ladder?Starting in the early 2020s, Millennials are going to drive our economy, and they will continue to do so for thirty years. Since that is the case, the Millennial you are coaching and mentoring right now will be a key asset to the continual growth of your business.How might you empower your up-and-coming sales leader as the competitive edge for your business?