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Does it feel like your sales growth strategies are frozen? Do sales results seem to be ice-cold, during a time when you need the sales effort to be producing piping-hot, high-growth results? To heat up sales production, are you thinking that you might need to move players around? To restructure your sales effort? If yes, you're not the only CEO, president, and business owners who sees restructuring as a profitable route. During a recent trip in our RV, I had to draw on all my restructuring experience. Thank goodness for our weather app!

What are the similarities between implementing a successful leadership development plan or sales strategyand running a marathon? You don’t have to be an athlete to know that it takes guts and determination to run a marathon.I always wonder how these athletes manage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, mile after mile. What does your emerging sales leader need to start and finish strong and contribute to your Business' sales growth?

In our recent article series, 5 Success Mindsets for a Successful Sales Strategy article, we've been discussing the strategic value of asking questions that spark much-needed innovation, during these uncertain times. In my excitement, I posted this meme on LinkedIn – “Change your questions, change your future.” One response, in particular, reminded me to double-check my own "listening roadblocks," even as this massive snowbank slowed down the trip for this Beetle!

How is the explosion of disruption, chaos, and uncertainty impacting your business and sales growth strategies, as well as your leadership development? More importantly, what is the impact on your salespeople? When they look around them, what do they see? Do they have hope for the future? Or do they remind you of a new-born kitten, almost too scared to take a chance on venturing forward? It’s natural that we, and our salespeople might feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes taking place. What might you do to awaken the spirit of the lion in your young sales leader – ready to take on any challenge of a disrupted world with courage and confidence?