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The Forbes Coaches Council published two sales strategy articles I wrote about motivating your salespeople and building authentic confidence – pre-COVID-19.I believe these articles are still relevant – even in a post-COVID-19 era. What are you observing when looking at your Millennial salespeople’s response to the current economic climate?

“It is a matter of choice and discipline.” These wise words were spoken by Jim Collins, author of “Great by Choice." What choices might you make to drive your business recovery?In this 3-Part series, Paul Cronin, Executive Coach and colleague, Robert Crumpton, share valuable insights on how business leaders might successfully come out of a Covid-19 era and navigate the Recovery well. (See full article at Leadership in a Changed World: How to Leverage These 3 Skills in a Changed World)

In the midst of a Recovery, with unpredictable markets and fear still raging on social media 24/7, what's one idea that will help your business actually "recover" during the Recovery?It's accountability.Yet, how do you nurture personal responsibility and build a culture of accountability in your Millennial salespeople when blame-gaming is rampant in our culture?It seems impossible, doesn't it?Yet, that’s what we are called to do as business and sales leaders - build a successful culture that will actually "recover."

Every top-class athlete faces what feels like unsurmountable obstacles, as part of their leadership development journey.And, every top-class athlete has a coach who challenges them. The coach inspires them to see the world differently and to develop the mental toughness, the grit, the mindsets needed to succeed even in the midst of chaos.The market is chaotic. The coronavirus is changing the global landscape.Your Millennial salesperson also needs a coach, just like any top-class athlete needs a coach, to deal with the obstacles they are facing.Will you be that trusted sales performance management coach?