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Every business must have hunters  and BDRs to grow their business.  Companies that lack this skills set fall short in converting leads into sales revenue results.What is your strategy to attract, hire, and retain hunters and BDR's who will get the job done, instead of complaining about the competition, your price, and the marketing team?

Are your Millennial salespeople accelerating the growth of your busi­ness?In writing Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader, I’ve talked to scores of business owners and sales leaders. Many of these leaders are panicking about how to hire and retain great Millennial sales talent and get them up to speed quickly. Not only do they see a knowledge gap, they are concerned about the selling capacity of their up-and-coming leaders.How might you know whether or not your hiring strategies are filling your sales team with just nice people? Or, if you're hiring Millennial salespeople who have the capacity to grow your business? Join me for this webinar.