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Is " improve engagement" a viable sales growth strategy? It seems to me that "engagement" is a buzz word. What does this really mean in the real world? And, what are some of the common areas of misalignment? Simply put, you need to align your sales team’s hopes and dreams to the mission and vision for your business. Erik Beckler and I had a lively discussion about some of the alignment and engagement challenges business owners and CEO’s experience. You're welcome to listen to the podcast interview, “The Misadventures in Organizational Misalignment” here.

I was scanning LinkedIn for sales strategy trends. A post from Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, took my breath away… "…we will no longer allow our company the indulgence of asking “why.” We as a company will focus on “what.” What can we do?' Why was I overjoyed to read Mary’s post? She reinforced the exact point I had made in my 5 Bold Predictions keynote for the Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit in India – the incredible power of “what.” “What” questions stimulate productive, future-focused thinking. They drive positive change and breakthrough results.

“It is a matter of choice and discipline.” These wise words were spoken by Jim Collins, author of “Great by Choice." What choices might you make to drive your business recovery? In this 3-Part series, Paul Cronin, Executive Coach and colleague, Robert Crumpton, share valuable insights on how business leaders might successfully come out of a Covid-19 era and navigate the Recovery well. (See full article atLeadership in a Changed World: How to Leverage These 3 Skills in a Changed World)