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How is the explosion of disruption, chaos, and uncertainty impacting your business and sales growth strategies, as well as your leadership development? Target and Best Buy had one of their best years ever, while Delta had one of their worst. This trend is playing out across all businesses where some have been wildly successful and some have been decimated. What’s happening in your world?

The news of the economic shutdown due to Covid-19 is a shock to all of us who are involved with Sales Growth Coaching. Minutes after hearing the TV announcement, my phone rings. It’s my 30-year-old son (who’s in sales). “Mom, what’s happening to the world?!?” Then, “I’m going to be working from home, aren’t I? What do you recommend I do next, so I get set up and productive quickly?”

It’s the final quarter. It’s time for all hands on deck when planning your sales strategy. It’s time to be innovative. As a rookie salesperson at Xerox, I prepare diligently for my 4th Quarter Review. I’m expecting to sit down with my sales manager for a thorough review of my pipeline. However, I am stunned to see six executives sitting at the conference table when I walk into the boardroom. Six? Why the executive presence?

The marketplace has changed and your competitors are getting tougher. What are your plans for transforming your sales growth, business, and your sales teams to be even stronger and to recover as quickly as possible in the New Normal? On May, 29th, I’ll participate in The Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit (India) 2020. This prestigious gathering of visionary sales leaders - Navigating the New Normal.