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Denise, one of my long-term clients, has had tremendous success installing a strong sales management process and leadership development strategies. Her business grew with leaps and bounds before the Covid-19 chaos. And, the sales team managed the economic disruption well during the pandemic. Last week she called – concerned and frustrated. She let out a long sigh, saying, “Danita, if I never hear the words Covid-19, social distancing, masks, and vaccines again, it would be too soon! It’s work, real work, to keep the sales team motivated during these crazy times. Or, as I call it, the Fear Pandemic.” The Fear Pandemic?

Energizing and equipping CEO’s to stop complaining, and to start coaching Millennials, is my motivation for being on the Forbes Coaches Council. In case you've missed articles, here are some top tips to strengthen and improve your sales results. Where are you seeing that your Millennial leader needs help to improve sales results and sales performance?

The challenge that social media brings to a sales leader’s coaching strategies inspired my Forbes article, Is social media impacting the business results of your Millennials? In the article, I cover how to coach your Millennial to fight the Need for Approval and deal with Rejection. In addition, building their Comfort in Talking about Money will help solve business frustrations such as:
  • Why aren’t we generating more new business?
  • Why isn’t our sales cycle shorter?
  • Are we selling consultative?
  • Are we selling on price and who can become a valued seller?
  • Can we close more sales?
  • Can we improve our pipeline and forecasting accuracy?
How are you helping your up-and-coming Millennial leaders to develop a productive sales mind so they can stay productive and not let social media, or other forms of negativity, impact their sales and leadership results?