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In the first article of this series on Sales Growth Strategy, I talk about the robust LinkedIn discussion on the word “break.” My friend and colleague, Paula Norbom, suggests we can – • take a break, • make a break, • break apart, or, • break away. I added “Breakthrough,” in honor of the 5 Success Mindset series. Now, I’m adding the next one to this list… “Ice-breaker.” What am I thinking?

How to Right-Size Your Sales Team to Maximize Recovery, Hunter Byington's recent article, was a hit. Hunter and I are working together with a number of clients who are committed to raising the bar on their sales and sales management game in order to recover well in 2020. Thus, I invited Hunter to share some additional insights that I believe will be helpful for you as you chart your own recovery effort.“What might I do to replace lost sales, market share, and revenue after this disastrous second quarter?” This is a question every future-focused business leader is asking right now.

The marketplace has changed and your competitors are getting tougher. What are your plans for transforming your sales growth, business, and your sales teams to be even stronger and to recover as quickly as possible in the New Normal? On May, 29th, I’ll participate in The Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit (India) 2020. This prestigious gathering of visionary sales leaders - Navigating the New Normal.