The Paradoxical Commandments Tag

How is the explosion of disruption, chaos, and uncertainty impacting your business and sales growth strategies, as well as your leadership development? More importantly, what is the impact on your salespeople? When they look around them, what do they see?  Do they have hope for the future? Or do they remind you of a new-born kitten, almost too scared to take a chance on venturing forward? It’s natural that we, and our salespeople might feel overwhelmed by the rapid changes taking place.  What might you do to awaken the spirit of the lion in your young sales leader – ready to take on any challenge of a disrupted world with courage and confidence?  

I’m attending my first ever National Speaker Association Conference in Orlando, Florida. As I’m taking the shuttle from the airport to the convention center, I strike up a conversation with a fellow attendee, Kent. Since he looks like an experienced speaker and author, I ask him about his core message, his forte.  When he says, “Paradoxical Commandments I’m intrigued.

How do you react when people on your team drive you nuts? Do you ever shake your head in amazement when you see the illogical (or downright stupid) things they sometimes do? (Personal confession: I sometimes do. Of course, I work hard to keep my cool, collected business face on…but, inside I’m thinking, “You’re nuts!”) Check out this article on How Great Leaders Get their Sales Growth Results.