Civic Leadership

In this crazy culture, the very foundation of our freedom is being attacked on many fronts. It is shocking that many people appear to be either not aware of what’s really happening around them, or, they choose to look the other way, for fear of being canceled. Arming yourself with knowledge is the only way to counter the attack on what our founding fathers fought for many years ago – your freedom. I invite you to read this article, written by Dennis M. Patrick, to gain a deeper understanding of our Christian heritage – the vital component to preserving our liberty

In the opening chapter of my best-selling, how-to leadership development resource, Millennials Matter, I wrote… “The world is undergoing a rapid shift, and millions of young adults struggle to find their footing. Amid this cultural chaos, next-gen leaders need the benefit of what we know. They need our wisdom and our insights. This message is for all of us who are builders of companies and leaders of people.”

In Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader, I include an entire chapter on the importance of being trustworthy as a leadership development skill. Being trustworthy and keeping our word is vital for a leader who strives to make a positive impact over the long haul. As many of us have observed and/or lived first handed, the consequences of a poor leader whom you can't trust are profound. Therefore, it is with great sadness that I recently read of a decision that the U.S. government made in 2013, where they give themselves permission to lie to the American people. What!!??