Drive Sales Results with Leadership Development.

Grow revenues.
Increase margins.
Expand Marketshare.

Frustrated with the results from your leadership team?

  • Losing business to the competition
  • Blaming other departments for their lack of traction
  • Stuck on using old strategies for a New Normal
  • Fuzzy on alignment of their key goals and strategies

Tried this, but it’s failed?

  • Upgraded managers and still not getting performance
  • Enrolled high-profile leaders in a peer-to-peer roundtable
  • Did a costly 2-day, off-site, strategic planning retreat with the whole team
  • Trained and coached, but they fail to implement what they learn

To build the team that will navigate the road to recovery, you need to:

  • Raise Performance Expectations
  • Add Focus and direction, so they gain momentum
  • Build leadership capacity and change management skills
  • Convert strategic plans into next-step action

Through our Leadership Development Program, your will get…

  • Proven execution process: Convert your strategic plan into a next-step action plan
  • Leadership DNA: Clear Motivating, Accountability and Coaching Tracks
  • Communication Tactics: Get everyone moving in the same direction
  • Right-sizing Strategies Get the right people on the right bus in the right seat

9 Tips to Coach Your Salespeople Through Crisis, to Recovery

Did you know that 72% of Millennials want a coach or a mentor, not a boss? Your next-gen leader is ready to receive your wisdom, experience, and insights….especially during these uncertain, unpredictable times. Get practical coaching tips to strengthen sales energy and to improve essential selling competencies needed to get traction in this new selling world.

We absolutely could not have fixed our sales issues ourselves. And in hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that Danita provided to actually help us implement our new sales management processes and transform our sales culture into a disciplined organization.

- CEO, Meyers

Drive a successful recovery with sales coaching that gets you the results you need.