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What will drive performance for your sales teams?

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Wondering why your compensation plans aren’t powering sales results?

Top symptoms of failing compensation plans:

    • Rewards average or status quo performance
    • Overpays for underperformance
    • Undervalues salespeople with strong sales DNA
    • Underpays for new business acquisition
    • Complicates strategies and kills inspiration
    • Not addressing intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, especially with Millennial sales people

How can you align your incentives with your sales growth strategy?

Compensation Plans to power your sales engine:

    • Keep incentive solutions simple enough to inspire
    • Focus on margin, not just revenue
    • Incentivize accelerated growth and cracking new accounts

Align your compensation plans with your growth strategy.

Check out this resource: The Compensation Compass charts a path for effective compensation that energizes an evolving workforce.

Millennial Sales Motivation

3 Steps to Help Your Next-Gen Saleperson Get Motivated – Launch your Millennial sales team on their motivation journey. Learn how to help your emerging sales leaders identify what they want; focus on the specific dreams that align with your company vision, mission, values and goals; and coach them to go after those newly aligned goals.

The scorecard Danita helped us introduce focus continuous attention on sales results. The documentation forces analysis of situations and leads to greater accomplishment. After seeing the positive results with our sales reps, I realized that we could extend these principles across the entire business.

- President, Engineered Products Co.

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