Attract, Develop, & Retain Millennials.

Activate high performance by engaging your Next Gen leaders.

Strengthen character. Inspire collaboration. Develop authentic confidence.

Motivation solutions that work for the Millennials in your workplace.

Tired of trying to “fix” these symptoms of lackluster millennial engagement?

  • High turnover
  • Punch-the-clock behaviors and focus
  • Excuse-making, blame-gaming, and finger-pointing
  • Low conflict resolution skills
  • Know-it-all attitude yet crumbles when they don’t find answers on YouTube and the Internet
  • Lack of determination and stick-to-itiveness to resolve problems

Maybe you’ve tried a few trendy ideas to create a Millennial-friendly workplace, but they aren’t delivering the needed results:

  • Remodeled the office to provide open-architecture
  • Provided flexible work hours
  • Installed ping-pong tables, and bean-bag chairs

Now you can align your Millennial’s performance with your growth strategy. 

Managing & Motivating Millennials Coaching Program will help you: 

  • Identify and tackle real millennial challenges.
  • Tap into millennial strengths and talents.
  • Develop capable next-gen leaders of character.
  • Build a bench of focused and engaged players.
  • Leverage millennials’ skills to grow your business.
  • Set the stage for your business transition.
  • Leave a legacy of wisdom and strength.

Fresh millennial insights, combined with your experience and wisdom, will be the competitive advantage that accelerates your business results and secures your leadership legacy.

The 4 Coaching Components of the Managing & Motivating Millennials Coaching Program:

  1. Motivational Energy: The internal fuel for success that drives high performance.
  2. Leadership DNA: The internal beliefs and mindsets that enable a person to effectively and consistently execute key business objectives.
  3. Strategic Listening and Mastery: The competencies, including knowledge and skills, to increase collaboration across the generational and cultural divides in many of our businesses.
  4. Strategic Vision & Values Map: A plan to ensure they can reach their goals…..and yours.

In coaching the coach, the Managing and Motivating Millennials Coaching Program provides coaching to address all points in your leadership and management process with a focus on achieving business results. In order for long-term sales results to occur, the Program does the following:

  • Include online and traditional training
  • Spaces out learning so new concepts can be internalized and salespeople can apply what they learn
  • Extends learning through video coaching
  • Shares resources and best practices for sustaining growth.

Millennial Sales Motivation

3 Steps to Help Your Next-Gen Saleperson Get Motivated – Launch your Millennial sales team on their motivation journey. Learn how to help your emerging sales leaders identify what they want; focus on the specific dreams that align with your company vision, mission, values and goals; and coach them to go after those newly aligned goals.

The scorecard Danita helped us introduce focus continuous attention on sales results. The documentation forces analysis of situations and leads to greater accomplishment. After seeing the positive results with our sales reps, I realized that we could extend these principles across the entire business.

- President, Engineered Products Co.

Get Millennial Leadership Coaching to drive business results.