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Customized sales consulting that drives growth.

Grow revenues. Increase margins. Expand marketshare.

Frustrated that your sales management processes are not driving the revenue and margin growth you need?

  • Your sales managers coaching conversations are not generating improved results.
  • Your salespeople resort to excuse-making rather than taking personal responsibility for their results.
  • You’re struggling to keep your emerging sales leaders engaged 24/7.
  • You’re wondering if you have the right sales DNA on your team to get the sales growth results you need to exceed plan.

Maybe you have already tried a few Sales Growth bandaids:

  • Sending salespeople for a 2-day intensive sales training course
  • Implementing commission penalties for poor performance
  • Hiring your competitor’s star salespeople
  • Purchasing bean-bags and a ping-pong table to keep the Millennial salespeople motivated

To achieve accelerated sales growth, you need to implement a strategic plan that includes:

  • Strategic Sales Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Motivation
  • Hiring salespeople with superior sales DNA

Increase the capabilities of your sales teams so they will consistently meet and exceed your strategic growth objectives.

How might you motivate your salespeople to be 100% engaged?

  • Leverage the Millennial Mindset to achieve revenue and margin growth goals.
  • Motivation is about “fire in the belly.”
  • Create a motivational culture that drives growth
  • Develop dreams and goals that are aligned with company vision, mission, values, and goals.

Where might you strategically focus coaching to increase sales performance?

  • Increase a sales team’s performance by 28% with strategically focused sales coaching
  • Inspire the best in each salesperson with intentional feedback and feed-forward
  • Empower salespeople to exceed their quota and your growth goals

How much revenue is being robbed from bottom-line results by blame-games and excuse-making?

  • Holding salespeople accountable is essential for exceeding revenue and margin growth goals
  • Transform blame into accountability
  • Convert excuses into empowerment
  • Measure progress and praise performance

How might you hire Millennial salespeople who exceed growth targets?

  • Tap new markets and increase revenues with Millennials, your competitive advantage
  • Use our proven process to avoid the costly pitfalls of recruiting, hiring, and fast-tracking a high-performance Millennial Sales Team
  • Learn how to identify superior sales drive and acumen before you hire

How can we help your team get the traction for sales growth?

Though our Sales Management Development Process, your leaders will get the tools to get sales back on the growth track.

  • Set the direction for growth with robust sales management processes
  • Strengthen sales managers ability to execute key roles and responsibilities
  • Tackle issues to create long-term initiatives to ensure a sustainable winning culture

Raise the Bar: Millennials as a Competitive Advantage

The old ways of going after new business are losing their effectiveness. And it’s increasingly challenging as we are on-boarding Millennials to drive sales. How can millennials be empowered as the competitive edge for your business?

Danita delivers the best results for clients who are committed to growth.

36% Improved close rates (from 32% to 68%)

30% faster time to benchmark performance for new sales hires

42% reduction in length of sales cycle

37% growth in margins

We absolutely could not have fixed our sales issues ourselves. And in hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that Danita Bye provided to actually help us implement our new sales management processes and transform our sales culture into a disciplined organization.

CEO, Meyers

Ready to get back on the sales growth track?