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Empowering Leaders of Millennials

Integrating Faith & Work

The way that Danita spoke conversationally with the audience was masterful.

- Dr. Mark Benedetto, President of University of Sioux Falls

“Danita energizes and equips experienced leaders, from parents (and grandparents) to pastors to company presidents, to look beyond the negative stereotypes and harness the immense leadership potential of this next Generation.”

- Dave Donaldson, CityServe, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

A dynamic keynote speaker, Danita is a catalyst for professional and personal growth.


Her extensive business, entrepreneurial, and sales successes, along with her work on the Forbes Coaches Council, and as a Harvard MBA Sales Coach, and with countless leaders energizes her to provide real-world solutions for leaders of all ages.

As a Millennial Leadership Coach, Danita is a valued resource for CEOs, presidents and owners committed to growing their businesses, building their emerging leaders and realizing their legacy. With a practical, rubber-meets-the-road style that focuses on values and character-based success, Danita is a catalyst for experienced leaders to gain an understanding of their role in shaping their young salespeople and leaders.

Danita is a dynamic speaker focusing on Next Gen Leadership, Sales Improvement and Faith Work Integration. She has been a member of the National Speaker’s Association.

Most Requested Keynotes, Breakout, and Workshops:

1. New Ways to Lead Next Gen Leaders to Breakthrough Results

In a few short years, the star performers on your team will mainly be Millennials. As leaders, how do we unlock the creative insights and leadership acumen of this talent-rich generation? What leadership and management shifts might need to happen?  How do we need to rethink our hiring, engagement and retention strategies, in light of this generation’s values?

Fresh millennial insights, combined with experience and wisdom,  will be a competitive advantage that accelerates your business results and secures your leadership legacy. Leaders build leaders.

Topics Include:

1. How might I get full engagement of millennials, in order to accelerate business results?

2. What does this generation really want from me as a leader?

3. How might I need to adjust my approach in order to get the best results?

2. Proven Sales Leadership Strategies to Accelerate Next Gen Performance

In our rapidly changing business climate with increasing competitive pressure, changing buyer dynamics, and an emerging new Millennial and GenZ workforce, the responsibilities of sales management have become increasingly complex.

There’s rampant confusion about where to focus attention to move the revenue, margin and marketshare numbers both short-term and long-term. Yet, our research reveals that top tier sales managers and leaders prioritize and master the M.A.C. Sales Management Processes– Motivating, Accountability and Coaching.  In fact, today’s sales people require this approach to be successful.

Topics Include:

1. How to motivate Millennial salespeople based on their unique motivational wiring.

2. How to build an accountable sales team in a blame-game, finger-pointing culture.

3. Where to strategically focus coaching effort to maximize results.

Best-Selling Author

Danita’s newest book, Millennials Matter, is an integration of her leadership and sales principles from How to Hire Superior Sales DNA and her spiritual passion she’s written about in Letters From the King.

Danita engages with leaders who are frustrated with sales that aren’t growing as fast as they hoped.