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How can your sales effort produce more results?

Drive new business.
Create a sales growth culture.
Increase sales and margins.

Millennials Matter

“The star performers responsible for the sales growth of your business, will, in a few short years, be primarily made up of millennials. That’s a significant reason why coaching, managing and motivating new and emerging leaders needs to be a top priority of every company’s business growth strategy.

– Danita Bye, Millennials Matter

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How can your sales investment be more profitable?

Achieving holistic growth is our number one goal. Your team will grow their sales capacity to be successful in a hyper competitive market by following our proven process. Start with the Sales Audit and get on the path toward exceeding your growth goals.

We’ve created results for these clients

Curious about how our process has empowered these clients to gain new ground?

What growth sounds like

We absolutely could not have fixed our sales issues ourselves. And in hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that SalesGS provided to actually help us implement our new sales management processes and transform our sales culture into a disciplined organization.

CEO, Meyers

You help me stay the course; keep me focused on what I’m supposed to be doing as a sales manager. You build processes, taking the voodoo out of sales and sales management. You’ve introduced me to excellent adaptable resources, and are always more than willing to help. You care. Money is important to you; our success is more important. Most consultants give their advice, take your money and run. You aren’t like that; you’re committed to our success. Expertise. Obviously you know what you’re doing.

VP of Sales - Western Hemisphere, Flint Group

Danita is a catalyst. She provided meaning and structure to sales at Starkey. She helped our sales managers gain a better understanding of what behaviors and/or tasks to reinforce and link those behaviors to results and compensation. She raised awareness about average selling price, product mix and margins to help us sell with a purpose. And she introduced us to quarterly personal selling plans that support corporate goals.

VP Human Resources, Starkey Laboratories

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