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How might you empower yourself  to strengthen and expand your leadership influence? The first step is to book a phone call.

During this time, we asses your goals, as well as clarify your concerns and challenges. We also identify your leadership objectives and opportunities.

Based on these insights, we create a customized growth plan so that you achieve  your personal and professional goals. Let’s work together to chart a pathway for even greater impact and influence.

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What growth sounds like

We absolutely could not have fixed our sales leadership ourselves. In hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that Danita provided to actually help us to execute our sales strategies and achieve business growth.

CEO, Meyers

Danita is an energizing and engaging speaker, as well as, leadership influence coach. She kept me focused on what I’m supposed to be doing as a sales leader and sales manager, while being 100% committed to my success.

VP of Sales - Western Hemisphere, Flint Group

Danita is a catalyst. She provided a structure on how to grow our business. Her leadership development program helped our sales managers gain a better understanding of what selling behaviors and/or tasks. Then, she worked with us how to link those behaviors to sales results and compensation.

VP Human Resources, Starkey Laboratories

“Danita’s thorough understanding of the critical business issues regarding the leadership development of the millennials and her unique ability to address this topic of how to increase sales is critical to your future success. I highly recommend you reach out to Danita.”

Senior Director of Global Sales, Skyline Displays

“Millennials Matter is packed with tips for connecting with, mentoring, and developing the leaders of the future. Danita Bye has written a fabulous guidebook on Leadership Development for leaders in every generation.”

Ken Blanchard, Co-author of The New One Minute Manager® and Lead Like Jesus Revisited

“Timely and on point, Millennials Matter is filled with truths you and your team can act on to make a difference in your future and our future. Inspiring, relevant, and actionable, this book is a toolbox to build trust, influence, and impact in our current and future leaders. We need to do this now!”

Dave Horsager, Founder, The Trust Institute

“Millennials Matter should be on the reading list of every CEO, supervisor, teacher, pastor, coach, counselor, parent, and more.”

Hal Donaldson, President, Convoy of Hope

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