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Manage Millennials for Growth
Sales Strategy for Improvement
Leadership Development for Results

Is your leadership team not implementing your sales strategy? And, you’re frustrated with sales growth? 

  • Competition is getting the business that should be yours.
  • Blame-game, a lack of accountability, and excuse-making are spreading like a virus.
  • Outdated sales strategies aren’t delivering results in the New Normal sales world, yet your sales manager is still stuck on them.
  • A lack of clarity and alignment to strategies and key goals causes managers to be unproductive.

Did you try these leadership development “fixes,” only to see failure?

  • Upgraded the team and still not getting the results you need.
  • Enrolled high-potential, emerging sales growth leaders in a peer-to-peer roundtable.
  • Conducted a costly 2-day, off-site, strategic leadership development retreat.
  • Trained and coached leadership development skills, but they failed to implement.
  • Trained and coached, but they failed to implement.

To build the team that will navigate the road to sales growth recovery, you need to take action.

If you’re like most CEO’s, presidents, and business owners, you have major strategy concerns, including sales strategy, on how to deal successfully with economic and market disruption.

To build a high-performance leadership team that can grow in the midst of disruption, knows how to increase sales, and how to push the boundaries that unlock breakthrough results for your business, you’ll want to:

  • Build success mindsets and leadership capacity.
  • Raise performance expectations to improve the financial picture.
  • Attract and retain people who will become drivers and differentiators in your business.
  • Convert strategic plans into next-step action to capture untapped markets.
  • Add focus and direction, so they gain momentum.
  • Strengthen management skills.

Our Leadership Development Program aligns with your strategy

Our Leadership Development Program aligns with both your sales strategy work as well as your desire to know how to manage millennials:

  • Proven Execution Process: Convert your strategic plan into a next-step action plan that addresses each obstacle that’s blocking your pathway to success.
  • Unique Leadership DNA: Use clear Motivating, Accountability, and Coaching Tracks to harness the distinctive talents and skills of every member on your team.
  • Improved Communication Tactics: Get everyone moving in the same direction with a crystal clear, aligned vision, mission, and values strategy.
  • Effective Right-Sizing Strategies Get the right people on the right bus in the right seat so they can sell successfully in all market conditions.

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9 Tips to Coach Your Salespeople Through Crisis, to Recovery

If you want to learn how to manage Millennials and how to increase sales, this eBook is for you.

Did you know that 72% of Millennials want a coach or a mentor, not a boss? Your salespeople are ready for leadership development. They want to learn from a leader they can trust. One who will share his or her wisdom, experience, and insights… especially during these uncertain, unpredictable times.

In my work with CEO’s and business owners, I often hear these questions:

  • What might I do to get my team to stop complaining about the past and to start focusing on how to grow the business?
  • What might I do to help my team embrace new ideas and new ways of approaching our clients and prospects?
  • What might I do to help my leaders to engage today’s new employees?
  • What might I do to get my team to come to work excited and engaged every day?
  • What might I do to get my team to embrace online selling and managing?

Danita delivers the best leadership development results for those committed to growth, regardless of the economic and market obstacles they face.

36% Improved close rates (from 32% to 68%)

30% faster time to benchmark performance for new sales hires

42% reduction in length of sales cycle

37% growth in margins

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          We absolutely could not have fixed our sales issues ourselves. And in hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that Danita provided to actually help us implement our new sales management processes and transform our sales culture into a disciplined organization.

          - CEO, Meyers