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Sales Leadership

Millennnial Sales Motivation

3 Steps to Help Your Next-Gen Saleperson Get Motivated – Launch your Millennial sales team on their motivation journey. Learn how to help your emerging sales leaders identify what they want; focus on the specific dreams that align with your company vision, mission, values and goals; and coach them to go after those newly aligned goals.

Millennial Sales Coaching

Steps to Build the Sales Capacity of Your Next-Gen Salesperson – Did you know that 72% of Millennials want a coach or a mentor, not a boss? Your next-gen leader is ready to receive your wisdom, experience, and insights. Are you ready to increase your sales? Get practical coaching tips to strengthen your millennial’s sales energy and improve essential sales DNA competencies.

Millennnial Sales Accountability

3 Steps to help your Next-Gen Salesperson Start Getting Traction – To ensure vibrant, thriving business and sales growth, you need to ratchet up responsibility – and thereby sales energy. Learn how you might transform blame into accountability; convert excuses into empowerment; and leverage progress into performance.

Millennial Sales Hiring

17 Tips for Recruiting Your Next-Gen Salesperson – Do you know how to attract, recruit, and retain millennial salespeople who will consistently prospect and win new accounts? This eBook contains 17 powerful tips that will help you identify candidates with superior sales DNA. Together you will grow your business, take market share and get the competitive advantage your business needs.

Millennial Sales Compensation

15 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Sales Compensation Plan. Your sales team is your revenue engine, and your sales compensation program is the gasoline that powers it. Yet, many comp plans fail to fuel your sales engine. The Millennial Sales Compensation eBook will help you identify these common mistakes so that you can design a sales compensation plan that uses premium grade fuel to drive your company’s strategic growth goals.

Millennial Leadership

Millennials Matter

The star performers responsible for the growth of your business, will, in a few short years, be primarily made up of millennials. That’s a significant reason why mentoring young leaders needs to be a top priority of every company’s business growth strategy.

- Danita Bye, Millennials Matter

Millennials Minute Videos

Short videos highlighting sales, leadership and growth. Subscribe to our channel, “Millennials Minute” to get notified when there’s a new video!

Millennial Leader Tedx Talk

Leaders build leaders. Most of the experienced leaders I work with are focused on driving growth. Yes, results are important. However, we also know that the legacy we leave, both at work and at home, matters even more. What are some practical tips that can help us work more effectively with this generation?

Millennials Matter – Business Leader’s Guide

Fresh millennial insights, combined with your character, experience and wisdom, will be your competitive advantage. But how do you build strong Next Gen leaders that help you dominate in the marketplace? Use this guide to spark proven mentoring and coaching discussions. Available Fall 2019.

Spiritual Leadership

New Ways to Connect to Millennials to Impact the Kingdom

Millennials, the current emerging generation, are the fastest group of American’s to identify themselves as “Nones” or religiously unaffiliated. In light of this rapid generational and cultural shift, what might we a Christians parents, grandparents and leaders respond and be faithful in passing the Christian leadership baton to future generations? What are the connecting points that we might leverage?

Millennials Matter – Christian Business Leader’s Guide

Top leaders know that the most significant legacy they will leave is of equipping the next generation of leaders. This is the godly stewardship of their accumulated skills, talents and wisdom. Get practical tips, tools, and videos to energize you as you are coaching and mentoring the emerging leader in your life. Available in Fall 2019.

Millennial YouVersion Devotional

Leaders build leaders. This series equips experienced leaders to mentor new and emerging leaders, particularly millennials, based on Matthew 28:19: You are to make disciples as you are going , even at work. We are marketplace ministers. Go and Make Discipling Leaders devotional series is based on the book Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader by Danita Bye.

Letters from the King

In the parable, Letters from the King, learn how to see yourself the way God sees you. Your identity is rooted in your relationship with your Heavenly Father. Your responsibilities are flowing from your authority as an ambassador for the Most High King.