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Hiring Mistake Calculator

Answer just 15 questions (will take less than 5 minutes) and we’ll instantly provide you with your total cost of hiring mistakes including your cost of recruitment, development, and lost business. Ready?

Recruiting Process Grader

Answer just a couple of easy questions and select the steps you currently include in your formal or informal sales recruiting process. Using the up/down arrows, move those steps into the sequence you currently follow. Complete the requested information below and click Grade My Recruiting Process and we will provide you with a score.

SalesForce Grader

Answer just 22 questions (it will take less than 5 minutes) and we will provide you with an instant score (on the next page) on the relative effectiveness of your sales force. Along with your score, you’ll see how your sales force compares with others, receive an explanation of what your score means, and we’ll recommend what you can do to improve your score. Ready?

Hiring Superior Sales DNA

Are hiring “mistakes” limiting your sales growth?  Recruiting the right type of sales talent is a requirement for predictable growth. 80% of sales applicants lack the skill or motivation to hunt and go after new business. How to Hire Superior Sales DNA walks you through a six step process to recruit, hire, and fast-track your sales team.

Compensation Compass

15 Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Sales Compensation Plan – There are seven major reasons comp plans fail to motivate sales growth. This eBook will help you find the true bearing of your compensation compass. By applying the compensation compass, we will identify areas in which your sales program has strayed away from your core strategic objectives and help you find your way back in today’s ever-changing business wilderness.

Energize Your Dreams Workbook

Goals help you achieve your dream for the future. Because no two people on this earth are exactly alike, and you are uniquely wired with differing gifts and talents, you have a distinct purpose in life. Therefore, you have a different dreams than anyone else that makes life meaningful for you. Dreams give you something to strive for, a destination. You direct massive amounts of energy towards achieving your dreams and making them a reality.

Millennnial Sales Motivation

3 Steps to Help Your Next-Gen Saleperson Get Motivated – Launch your Millennial sales team on their motivation journey. Learn how to help your emerging sales leaders identify what they want; focus on the specific dreams that align with your company vision, mission, values and goals; and coach them to go after those newly aligned goals.

Millennnial Sales Accountability

3 Steps to help your Next-Gen Salesperson Start Getting Traction – To ensure vibrant, thriving business and sales growth, you need to ratchet up responsibility – and thereby sales energy. Learn how you might transform blame into accountability; convert excuses into empowerment; and leverage progress into performance.

Millennials Matter Minute Videos

Short videos highlighting sales, leadership and growth. Subscribe to our channel, “Millennials Minute” to get notified when there’s a new video!

The star performers responsible for the growth of your business, will, in a few short years, be primarily made up of millennials. That’s a significant reason why mentoring young leaders needs to be a top priority of every company’s business growth strategy.

- Danita Bye, Millennials Matter

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