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Informal Intro

Some of my clients say I’m a visionary leader. Others call me The Accountability Queen. In reality, both make sense. My top Strengths Finder traits include: futurist, maximizer, activator, and achiever.

Formal Bio

As a best-selling author and an energizing keynote speaker, I serve as a catalyst for CEOs, presidents, and business owners who are committed to:

    • thriving in today’s disruptive market conditions, and
    • improving the results of their sales force.

As a business owner myself, I understand the challenges. The new reality we all face requires us to pull out all the stops to build high-performance leadership and sales teams.

Based on decades of work, and our proven process, I work with you to:

    • Strengthen your leaders
    • Improve your sales growth revenues, margins, and/or market share.
    • These best practices focus on the emerging workforce.


As a sought-after virtual speaker, I focus on how to manage Millennials.  This leadership skill is important in these disruptive times. I have worked with teams across 5 of 7 continents: India, Africa (Tanzania, South Africa), Asia (China), Australia, Europe (The Netherlands), and the United States. I’m still looking for opportunities in South America and Antarctica. (I know I have some followers in South America. However, I haven’t noticed anyone from Antarctica yet.)


My best-selling book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader is a must-have how-to leadership resource. David Horsager, Trust Edge Leadership Institute, says, “Inspiring, relevant, and actionable, this book is a tool­box to build trust and influence and impact our current and future leaders. We need to do this now!” Get it HERE.

I post articles on current, red-hot topics HERE.

The Millennial Leadership eBook Series is just one of many free resources. Find them HERE.


Check out my TEDx talk, Millennial Leadership Development: Stop Complaining, Start Coaching HERE.

For fresh, practical leadership insights, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. I regularly post short vignettes, providing actionable ideas HERE.

Civic Leadership

I am passionate about my home state, North Dakota. I am committed to being a part of building a safe, family-friendly, prosperous culture. Here are examples of where I serve:

    • North Dakota State Board of Higher Education (current).
    • North Dakota Petroleum Council Board of Directors (current).
    • North Dakota Economic Development Foundation (past).
    • Freedom Matters USA (current).

International Leadership

I virtually keynoted at the Economic Times Virtual Summit in India, to 1200 international leaders. Check out snippets of Five Bold Predictions for a Post COVID world HERE.

My husband, Gordon, and I presented virtually at an international school in Asia. The topic was, “Why Character Matters, Both Personally and Professionally.” Check out Global Leadership Forum HERE.

Sales Leadership

I served as a sales coach for students in the innovative Harvard MBA program. I am a frequent contributor of articles as a member of the Forbes Coaches Council. You can read them HERE.

To schedule, call me at 612-267-3320 or email me at danita@DanitaBye.com

Let’s Work Together

I look forward to connecting with you. No charge, no obligation. Just a one-on-one for 45 minutes. First, we will talk through your sales growth and leadership development challenges. Then, you will receive personal tips, advice, and next steps on how to successfully deal with your unique stumbling blocks.

If you’re currently having challenges keeping your team engaged or focused on the key objectives, feel free to schedule a free virtual coffee meeting with me.

I’m committed to working with you to:

    • Maximize your business.
    • Mobilize your salespeople.
    • Realize your leadership legacy.


To schedule, call me at 612-267-3320 or email me at danita@DanitaBye.com

Fresh leadership, motivating, and managing strategies give you the competitive advantage. It’s time to accelerate performance during these challenging times.

One of Danita’s best traits is that she’s not afraid to tell me something I may not agree with. In my book, that’s what makes her a trustworthy Executive Leadership Coach. The leadership development plan based on the assessment results is a great follow-up that provides coaching guidance for improving any weaknesses.

- President, QBS, Inc.

Best-Selling Author & Speaker

Danita’s newest book, Millennials Matter, is one of the best books on leading and managing Millennials. Danita is a dynamic speaker focusing on Leadership, Sales Improvement, and Spiritual Leadership. She has been a member of the National Speaker’s Association. Learn more about Danita as a speaker: CLICK HERE

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Danita engages with CEOs, presidents, and business leaders who are frustrated with a lack of leadership impact and business results. Based on a Proven Process, she works with leaders to achieve, and exceed their goals.