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Breakthrough Steps to Expand Leadership Influence

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“Danita energizes and equips leaders to harness the immense leadership potential of their leaders.”

- Dave Donaldson, CityServe, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

The way that Danita spoke conversationally with the audience was masterful.

- Dr. Mark Benedetto, President of University of Sioux Falls

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3 Breakthrough Steps to Expand your Leadership Influence

The pace of change and disruption is unsettling, isn’t it!? And it’s accelerating. On many fronts – economically, technologically, digitally, and culturally. You’re struggling to be strong and lead well. It’s exhausting.

Just when you think you’ve got your footing, there’s a new leadership challenge.

It’s time to take 3 steps that will expand your leadership influence. Nurture your Healthy Leadership Mindset to provide the stability you need for these unsettling times.

Be inspired to…

  • Build motivated and manageable teams
  • Strengthen leadership development so you can deal with any challenge, and,
  • Improve growth results by navigating the chaos culture more effectively.

It’s time for you to make an even greater positive impact on your world.

Uniquely Created. Strategically Called.

Over the past year, you have probably heard the word unprecedented a gazillion times…

We’re facing unprecedented challenges. Our ability to strategize and plan is sabotaged by unprecedented uncertainty.

Yes, this is indeed an unprecedented time in history.

Your leadership matters – NOW, more than ever before.

In fact, you have been born for a time such as this. You have been uniquely created to lead through this crazy, chaotic culture. You have been strategically sent to these people, this place, this time, this nation, to make a positive difference.

Have you ever paused to ask, “What might I do to make a positive impact?”

Discover 3 Keys that this very question holds. By using those keys to unlock 3 Bold Leadership Decisions, you will be able to:

  • Build leadership teams where everyone is motivated and manageable.
  • Strengthen your leadership development strategies so that you can deal successfully with seemingly insurmountable challenges; and
  • Improve your sales growth results by navigating the chaos culture that is robbing your team’s brilliance and destroying dreams.

Even in this crazy world filled with unprecedented challenges, you are called to lead and to make a difference.

Your leadership matters NOW… more than ever!

In these disruptive times, it’s critical to expand your leadership influence. Here’s how Danita can help.

Danita is a dynamic speaker. She keeps her audience captivated with her candid approach. Her results-driven talks focus on:

  • Building Motivated and Manageable Teams that achieve their goals;
  • Strengthening Leadership Development Strategies, and;
  • Improving Sales Growth Results with proven processes.


As an Executive Leader and coach, Danita is a valued resource to all leaders, including CEOs, presidents, and owners, who are committed to expanding their leadership influence. This influence is needed both professionally and personally – at work and at home, in the boardroom and in the dining room.

Danita has been a member of the National Speaker’s Association. Her powerful TedX Talk casts vision on how to manage Millennials. She also keynoted virtually for an economic summit in India. Her talk, “5 Bold Predictions for a Post-Covid World,” is filled with creative solutions for today’s challenges.

Expand your leadership influence to get the leadership development and sales growth results you want.

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