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Are you frustrated that your sales strategy isn’t driving the sales growth that you need?

  • Are my salespeople mentally tough enough to sell in this new economy?
  • Do they have the fire-in-the-belly sales drive to go after new business?
  • Do they know how to increase sales, given the new market conditions?
  • Are they calling on the right accounts?
  • Are they able to get a predictable forecast for what’s really going to close?
  • Do they know how to effectively use Video Conferencing in our sales process?
  • Is the sales staff dealing effectively with the competition’s desperation pricing?
  • Are my sales managers able to implement our new strategies?

Maybe you’ve already tried a few sales strategy “fixes” to tackle your sales concerns, but nothing is working.

  • Sent salespeople for an intensive sales training course.
  • Changed the sales commission plan.
  • Provided training on virtual selling tools and resources.
  • Launched a new online lead generation initiative.
  • Hired a competitor’s star salesperson.
  • Hosted a class on how to improve closing skills.

The marketplace is changing, the economy is evolving, and your competitors are getting tougher. You need to implement a sales leadership development plan that includes:

  • Coaching: Targeted coaching to increase sales results.
  • Accountability: Aligned sales metrics that support your vision and values.
  • Motivation: Inspiring sales teams to overcome challenges.
  • Recruiting: Hiring salespeople who know how to increase sales.

Through our Sales Leadership Development Process, your managers get the sales management tools to learn how to increase sales. You get a long-term, sustainable winning sales culture.

In our Sales Leadership Development Process, we address four key areas that drive predictable sales growth, even in the face of uncertainty:

  • Sales Strategy Foundations (i.e. set metrics and goals, define target clients);
  • Sales Management Processes (i.e. align compensation plan, raise performance expectations);
  • Sales Management Skills (i.e.: strengthen management acumen, finetune Pipeline Management);
  • Sales Staff Deployment (i.e. aligning sales talent, upgrading skill sets).

Managers using our Sales Leadership Development Process learn how to increase sales and to get results like these:

  • 36% improved close rates (from 32% to 68%)
  • 30% faster time to benchmark performance for new sales hires
  • 42% reduction in length of sales cycle
  • 37% growth in margins

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Millennial Sales Motivation: How to Manage Millennials.

3 Steps to Inspiring your Sales Teams to Overcome Challenges – The disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and other chaotic shifts are dramatically altering how we, and our Millennial sales managers and salespeople, live and work.

Proactive business and sales leaders realize the need to strengthen their sales strategies and leadership development programs. Forward-thinking leaders focus on coaching conversations with their salespeople on motivational drivers. In addition, they intentionally create alignment between the company’s vision and values, and the salesperson’s vision and values.

This eBook is a critical resource for business owners, sales leaders, and sales managers who are struggling how to manage Millennials. It is a vital sales strategy to elevate employee engagement.

Danita delivers the best results for leaders committed to sales growth, regardless of the economic and market obstacles they face.

36% Improved close rates (from 32% to 68%)

30% faster time to benchmark performance for new sales hires

42% reduction in length of sales cycle

37% growth in margins

We absolutely could not have fixed our sales leadership ourselves. In hindsight, we needed the ‘backbone’ that Danita provided to actually help us to 1.) implement our new sales strategy, 2.) strengthen our sales processes and 3.) transform our sales culture.

CEO, Meyers

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