Sales Growth: The Secret to Winning Deals at the Prices You Want

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Sales Growth: The Secret to Winning Deals at the Prices You Want

New Groundbreaking book by LEE Salz

Is this a line you hear often? “If we don’t drop our price, we will lose the deal.”

That’s the desperate cry from salespeople as they try to win deals in competitive marketplaces. While the easy answer is to lower the price, the company sacrifices margin—oftentimes unnecessarily. As a sales growth expert I’m always challenging salespeople to answer an important question.

“What might I do differently to get the results I want?”

I have never been one to accept blame-games and victim mode.  That’s why I was excited to read a new book by my friend, sales management strategist, Lee B. Salz.

Lee also believes that, to win deals at the prices you want, the strategy needed is differentiation. Most executives think marketing is the sole source of differentiation. But what about the sales function of the company? How can you leverage this commonly neglected opportunity to stand out from your competition?

In Sales Differentiation: 19 Powerful Strategies to Win More Deals at the Prices You Want, Lee provides the tools your salespeople need to beat the competition. These concepts are based on the foundation: “how you sell, not just what you sell, differentiates you.”

The strategies are presented in easy-to-understand stories and can quickly be put into practice by your salespeople. Whether your salespeople have been selling for twenty years or are up-and-coming Millennials, the tools they will learn in Sales Differentiation will help them build profitable new relationships, and win deals at the prices you want.

In my work, I help company presidents and CEOs improve their sales teams’ productivity. It’s not uncommon for me to step in and have to deal with blame-gaming toxicity. The list of whom or what to blame is endless. I hear about the uncooperative economy, tight marketplace, stiff competition, incompetent colleagues, and the bad boss. I hear blame directed at the marketing department or the production team. I also find that people who tend to pass blame often do so out of years of habit.

Sales Differentiation  by Lee Salz will help you to root out the excuses-and-finger-pointing culture that prevents your salespeople from winning the deals at the prices you want.

Get your copy now! Lee is offering access to his “Sales Differentiation Minute” video series (a $1,495 value) when you order today. For 20 weeks, you will receive an email with a video link in which Lee brings Sales Differentiation strategies to life helping you put them into practice. Learn more here.

Help your salespeople win more deals at the prices you want. Get your copy of Sales Differentiation now!

P.S. When you buy the book, make sure to read Chapter 11: “Developing a Sales Crime Theory” at least twice – it will change the way you look at prospecting forever!  Check out Sales Differentiation now.

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