Author: Danita

Gordon and I decide to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary in Costa Rica. I’m taking a break from my focus on Leadership Development work. We look forward to hiking the volcanoes, soaking in mineral-rich mud baths, and surfing the waves. During our sunny vacation, two valuable leadership lessons bubble up: 1.) Blue Zone: What are some of the business building blocks we might learn from Blue Zones? 2.) Gossip: How does the seemingly innocent pastime of gossiping tear down and destroy those building blocks?

Many leaders don’t see “gratitude” as a real business leadership strategy to achieve concrete results. I don’t blame them! In our fast-paced leadership world of high-tech, robotics, cultural upheaval, and global turmoil, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. How effectively is your leadership strategy delivering the concrete results you need to grow your business?

In our fast-paced world, success isn't guaranteed, as I often see in my leadership development work. Take John, for example, leading a software company. His company should be soaring, but it's stuck. One big issue? Finding and keeping top talent. For growth, having the right people is crucial. But for John, hiring skilled workers is tough. And once he sees them, keeping them is even tougher. It's like trying to hold onto water in a leaky bucket. How do you do that?

After posting a leadership development article on Gratitude, I get this great response from a colleague and friend, Erik Beckler, author of Four Fundamentals of Leadership:

“Chronic fear is debilitating. Showing gratitude in leadership is a great way to counter fear in yourself and others.  When gratitude is present and permeates a team culture, fear has a lot to go through to make an impact.”

How powerful is that!?