How to Advance Your Business Through Millennial Leadership Coaching – Interview with John Ramstead

How to Advance Your Business Through Millennial Leadership Coaching – Interview with John Ramstead

John Ramstead hit a roadblock in life. It can happen to all of us, including millennial leaders and salespeople. John chose not to go into victim mode. He made the decision to overcome adversity. He launched Eternal Leadership, a coaching and consulting firm.

“This generation, right now, has the potential of being one of the greatest generations that we’ve ever seen. What an amazing opportunity for Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers to create a leadership legacy.”

~ John Ramstead

INC Magazine recognized John’s Eternal Leadership podcast as one of the top 12 podcasts for leaders that’s available on the internet! He recently interviewed me to discuss my leadership guidebook, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader. Listen to our conversationhere. Get tips, tools, and talk tracks for helping your emerging salesperson and leader overcome adversity and reach their full potential.

What would you tell the Millennial you’re coaching and mentoring when an unplanned event shifts the trajectory of their life?

Does your Millennial really need your Mentoring and Coaching?

“The future favors those who effectively engage upcoming generations.” Mike Sharrow – President & CEO, The C12 Group

91% of Millennials aspire to be a leader. However, when talking to Millennial leaders, I hear their crave for an experienced leader to come alongside them and walk with them in the every-day reality of their job and life.

John shares my mission and passion. We want to equip and inspire senior business leaders to get involved with the Millennial in their sphere of influence.

Why should your millennial sales leader matter to you?

Many business leaders say, “Millennials are just too different! I don’t know how to work with them.” Well, it’s true. This generation is different. But different isn’t necessarily bad. As experienced leaders, we don’t have to change who we are or what we believe. We can shift our mindset and change how we communicate and interact with our millennial leader.

John and I discuss compelling reasons why you need to be intentional in coaching and mentoring your millennial sales leader.

Build a strong leadership culture

“Harnessing the strengths of your millennial sales leader can give you the competitive edge. And in the midst of doing all that, you’re building a leadership legacy and leaving an imprint on people’s lives. ~ Danita Bye”

Business leaders who are committed to growing their organizations, or are looking to transition their business to a new buyer, need a strong leadership culture.

Tap Millennial brilliance

“If we are open to tapping millennial perspectives, we can spark innovation, strengthen our competitive edge, and spur our businesses growth.” ~ Danita Bye

To grow your business or create this transition, tap the insights and fresh understanding of millennial leaders. If you don’t, you risk failure.

Leverage the speed of change

“To keep up with accelerating changes is challenging. You need to innovate, strengthen your business culture, and forge strong relationships with the Millennials in your organization.” ~ John Ramstead

If you don’t do that, the best product or service will not save you from being left behind. Someone else who does have a healthy organization will go before you.

Are you looking for a formula to get your Millennial ready to grow your business and realize your leadership legacy? Bring your business insights, experience, strength of character, and leadership acumen that you’ve honed over years. Then add it to your Millennial sales leader’s ability to innovate. You will create a win-win sales culture that will give your business the competitive edge it needs to overcome adversity.

John and I also discussed the 3 Pillars of Millennials Matter – Strengthening Character, Leading with Confidence and Engaging in Collaboration. We brainstormed about the mistakes leaders make and how getting sidelined can actually be exciting. Listen to the full interview, here.

Leadership Lesson: Be intentional in coaching and mentoring your millennial sales leader to give your business the competitive edge.

Leadership Question: How are you using your business insights, experience, strength of character, and leadership acumen to mentor and coach your millennial sales leader?

Interview with John Ramstead
Listen to the full interview here.

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