One Question that Improves Millennials Responsibility Factor – Part 3

One Question that Improves Millennials Responsibility Factor – Part 3


“I can’t help it.”
“It was his fault.”
“She made me do it.”

From elementary school to the corner office, these words are spoken by people who don’t want to take responsibility.

For the past two weeks we talked about ways in which we, as business leaders, CEO’s and executives, can coach and mentor Millennial Leaders to be more accountable. The question we would love to hear them ask:  “What might I do to help solve the problem?”

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We continue with an excerpt from Millennials Matter (my new book – I’m anxiously waiting for feedback from the editors!) When coaching and investing in your emerging leader, these tips will help them grow in their accountability quotient.

Listen critically

Suggest they listen with honesty to their own self-talk. When are they choosing to blame others? Or, is it something from their past that’s the culprit?  We all go through times when it feels easier to blame someone or something, rather than exercise our personal choice to act versus just react. The best place to start developing good accountability skills is to be honest with yourself.

Focus on Can

“What you do when you don’t have to, will determine what you will do when you can’t help it.”

As a young salesperson, I posted this quote everywhere, on my bathroom mirror, inside my planner, in my briefcase, and by my nightstand. This is about accountability, isn’t it?  Your next gen leader doesn’t have to examine their own contributions to a situation. They don’t have to accept responsibility for the choices they are making with their life. They don’t have to take ownership of how they are choosing to think and feel about a situation.

However, their choosing builds their internal leadership capacity so that when they are in a difficult spot, they will able to cope and encourage others to choose well. You are in a privileged role to work with your young leader to help them step out in this area.

Learn the Serenity Prayer

Your young leader may not be familiar with the famous and often-quoted Serenity Prayer. It reminds us of what we are accountable for.  Share stories about when you’ve had to shift gears and take a wiser stance.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And wisdom to know the difference.” 

Leadership Lesson:

Accountability, coupled with a resolve to find creative solutions, yields character.

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