Watch the Top Sales Growth Videos of the Year

Watch the Top Sales Growth Videos of the Year

I was feeling a bit nostalgic the other night…Looking through my favorite videos that I made recently and also some I did a long time ago. As you continue to ramp up your business after everything we’ve been through personally, relationally, and economically during the COVID crisis, you may find some of these short sales growth and leadership development videos helpful.

5 Success Mindsets for Sales Growth

Here’s one from a current series called The Five Success Mindsets. You can follow the series that starts HERE.

Are you a vision caster, or vision crusher? You know as leaders we develop the reputation of being the one or the other; I know that it seems a little harsh, but yes we do. And, during a crisis, like a COVID crisis, it can be easy for us to think that vision, mission, values, virtues are ‘fluffy’ stuff. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

Leadership Development: What Might I Do to Make a Positive Difference?

This video clip is from a recent Virtual Keynote.

She then said, one night as she was, kind of wallowing in the stuckness, there was a lone question that began to weave itself through her mind. And here was the question; the question is: What might I do to make a positive impact? And as that question continued to weave through, she felt herself coming alive. She felt the neural synapses beginning to fire. She felt energized, she didn’t know what the solution was, but she felt her energy coming back.

An Old Favorite: Interview with Teddy Roosevelt on Millennial Leadership Development

Teddy Roosevelt, this started out as Dakota Leadership, my original name because I believe North Dakota has a gift that we can give to the nation. And we weren’t so sure that Dakota will sell in New York. So we changed it to Millennials Matter. But you learned a lot…your character was developed in North Dakota. “I said I would have never been president but for my experiences in North Dakota.” ~ Teddy Roosevelt

TEDx Talk – Stop Complaining and Start Coaching

In 2018 I did a TEDx talk that is still attracting new viewers. Here’s a 30-second clip and a link to watch the full talk. (And…it’s only 15 minutes.)

These are 5-mm micro moves, micro-moments that can shift someone’s life forever. We can make the domino difference. Will You?

Watch the full TEDx talk HERE.

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