Strategies for Dealing Successfully with Disruption (Leadership Development)

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Strategies for Dealing Successfully with Disruption (Leadership Development)

As leaders, we often struggle to find effective ways to strengthen our leadership development strategies, when we are facing disruption from every angle.

Tremendous disruption is taking place culturally, socially, economically, and with technology. The unstoppable forces of disruption that we saw in 2020 will continue into 2021 and the next decade.

We have an investment portfolio company that we follow that specializes in disruptive movements. The categories are almost mind-boggling:

  • Medical: DNA sequencing, gene editing genomes.
  • Technology: We have robotics, Ai, Cybersecurity, Blockchain technology.
  • Financial: bitcoin, crypto-currency.
  • Space Exploration: 30,000 satellites orbiting the earth, drones.
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and a whole host of other mediums, are changing and shifting how we communicate with each other. In fact, they are shifting how we see the world, they are expanding our worldview, and how we interpret world events.
  • Demographically: there’s a vast migration of over 14 million Americans, that’s coming due to the rise of remote work. They are moving out of cities into smaller communities.

Globally, uncertainty is rampant at every level. It’s also when our teams. In a recent survey for university students, this is how they responded to “I have felt increased stress about….”

  • 53% losing a job or decrease in family income
  • 15% taking care of children, including those who are normally in school
  • 61% physical health for me or a family member
  • 69% Increased anxiety or depression
  • 71% loss of social connections, social isolation
  • 57% increased anxiety due to Covid-19 social media

Disruption is everywhere. How is this going to play out? How much more challenging will your leadership role be next year?

Organizational and Sales Growth is About More than the Bottom Line

Brandon Schaefer and Danita Bye


When writing Millennials Matter, I interviewed Brandon Shaefer, CEO of Five Capitals. (Page 66) My curiosity was piqued when I heard him talking about the importance of stewarding all five capitals, resources, and wealth that we’ve been given.

I wondered, Five? What are the five?

Prioritized Leadership Development

These 5 Leadership Development Priorities will assist in strengthening your leadership development plans.

Pay close attention to the order of the Five Capitals.  The Five Capitals are set up in a hierarchy that identifies their relative value/ For maximum, long-term leadership impact, it’s very important to keep things in that order.

Leadership Development Priority #1: Spiritual capital

Spiritual capital relates to our connection with God. Spiritual capital is about who you are, your identity and relationship to God, and what you are called to do. It establishes what your authority and your responsibilities are in the Kingdom.

Everyone wrestles with the God question. Spiritual capital has the potential and power to create incredible levels of identity and security for someone to understand their own values. It helps them discover who they are, and what defines them. It gives them a Kingdom vision and opens opportunities for the good that they want to bring into the world. Consider what might happen in terms of health, productivity, and service when spiritual capital forms the center of someone’s life.

Leadership Development Priority #2: Relational Capital

Relational capital is all about the health and productivity of our relationships. It’s about trust, engagement, and integrity. It’s about being a leader that is worth following.

Leadership Development Priority #3: Physical Capital

We only have one life in this world. Time is the great equalizer, whether you’re the president, or whether it’s your first job, or you’re in college. We all have the same 24 hours in the day – so physical capital, and what to do with that same 24 hours and the one life we have, is key.

Leadership Development Priority #4: Intellectual Capital

Intellectual capital includes our need for insight, tools, wisdom, and creativity. We need intellect and logic to discern the best path forward, whether it’s prioritizing our day or determining how to launch a new product.

Leadership Development Priority #5: Financial Capital

Financial capital relates to all the resources that are in our possession or in our organization’s possession. It’s the stewardship and the focus on profitability and revenue, and managing well, that creates the opportunity to use that capital for the greater good. Your emerging leader might object and say that they don’t have a lot of financial resources to give away. However, we know that our future leaders are excellent fundraisers. Your resources and their networking acumen can result in a powerful collaboration effort.

Messed-Up Priorities Wreaks Havoc in Leadership Development

When we’re messed up on our priorities, it could look like this:

  • Financial: It’s all about the bottom line or the number of people who show up.
  • Intellectual: The most competent get promoted. The rest are left by the wayside.
  • Relational: Engage with people for one reason, to grow your church, organization, or business.
  • Physical: Go without sleep or exercise, if that’s what it takes. Or, the opposite, veg out in front of the TV, hanging out on social media, and playing games.
  • Spiritual: You’re welcome to worship whomever you’d like, wherever you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Prioritized Leadership Development Looks Different

  • Spiritual: It’s about our leadership identity, living out the organization’s Vision and Values.
  • Relational: People are our biggest asset, so we create a healthy, productive culture.
  • Physical: We know the rhythms of our organization and take a marathon mentality.
  • Intellectual: We hire well, develop and train our people, and promote from within.
  • Financial: We steward our resources, invest wisely, and grow our influence.

As we move forward with increasing disruption in all areas of life, I invite you to take stock of all the resources and/or capitals that you’re stewarding. Consider the positive results that might flow from working with your future leaders to prioritize your focus and impact.

Prioritize Leadership Development in 2021

With all the disruption we've experienced in 2020 with COVID-19, it is important for us as leaders to be firmly grounded in who we are and what we've been called to do. ~ Danita Bye Click To Tweet

This is an important season to take stock of how were are stewarding all our Capitals, our Resources, and our wealth,  And, especially  Spiritual Capital, i.e. who you are as a Child of God, and what you’ve been called to do, as an Ambassador of the Most High King.

I trust this poem, which I penned in 2001, encourages you in your leadership walk, even though you’re facing disruption from every angle.


Message from Your Heavenly Daddy

I love you, my child, and I long to be with you.

But, you seem so busy, so wrapped up in your own affairs. And yet, I desire to be with you, hearing about

your dreams,

  your desires,

    your hopes,

      your fears,

        your frustrations,

          your hurts.

And, you have many. I know. For, I Am the one who formed you in your mother’s womb.  I gave you breath. I give you breath… every day.  I give you all that you have.

I long to laugh with you,

to dance with you,

  to sing with you,

     to cry with you.

Oh, that you would know deep in your inner being how much I love you,

how broad,

  how long,

    how high,

      how deep is my love for you.

You don’t need to work so hard. I have done everything through my son Jesus Christ to ensure that you are pure and holy in my sight.

Oh, that you would trust me for I do know what’s best for you.

I Am your biggest fan.

I Am your counselor.

I Am your healer.

I Am the one who sets you free from all that holds you back.

I Am the one that gives your rest from all your strivings.

I Am the one who loves you more than you can fathom.

I Am the one able to do so much more than you could ever ask or even dream,

for I am your Heavenly Father, the Dad you long for.

Won’t you come to me?

Your Heavenly Dad.

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Leadership Development Lesson:

Prioritized leaders pay close attention to the order of their five capitals.

Leadership Development Question:

What might you do to strengthen your leadership and mentoring role in 2021?

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