The Millennial Leadership Workshop is Here!

The Millennial Leadership Workshop is Here!

51% of employees are not engaged (they’re just there, putting in the time and punching the clock). This is according to the 2017 Gallup Workplace Report. Sadly, 16% are actively disengaged (miserable and destroying what others are building). That leaves just over 30% of employees who are engaged (love their jobs). What does this mean for businesses?

In 2016, the Society for Human Resource Management made a compelling case about the benefits that come from an engaging leadership approach:

  • 22 percent greater profitability
  • 21 percent greater productivity
  • 65 percent lower turnover

With 75% of the workforce being Millennials by 2025, here’s what visionary and strategic leaders are imagining (and asking):

  • What if our organization was known as one of the best places for millennials to work?
  • What if we had young team members who are loyal and deeply devoted to our mission?
  • What if millennials wanted to listen and learn from our leadership?
  • What if we had a growing pipeline of young leaders who were eager to take on more responsibility and had the character and skills to actually succeed in the job?

The answer: The Millennial Leadership Workshop – a workshop designed to help leaders take even more concrete steps on sparking engagement with Millennials and Next-Gen leaders.

If you’re wondering how to manage and motivate your emerging leader, our new interactive workshop is tailor-made for you.

The Millennial Leadership Workshop will assist you to discover the building blocks you need to become a master mentor and coach.

Ready to turn the disengagement stats around? Then it’s time to create a culture where young leaders have the character, confidence, and collaboration skills to thrive.

Millennial Leadership Workshop
Get more information on how The Millennial Leadership Workshop can make a distinct difference in your organization, here.

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