The Secret to Fixing the Sales Closing Problem

The Secret to Fixing the Sales Closing Problem

Walter was frustrated because his sales team was lacking closing skills.  He thought I would have a magic pill that can quickly put an end to this problem.  However, I had news for him…it was going to take more than a quick 1-2 hour training session…


Immediately after meeting Walter he sighed, “Danita, my sales team is horrible at closing. Can you do a 1-2 hour training session and teach them to close?”

I tentatively asked, “Walter, is it really because they don’t know how to close, or could there be something upstream that’s preventing them from closing?”

Bloated pipelines, which are often interpreted as a closing problem, are a headache to everyone responsible for delivering the numbers. Often CEOs and Sales Leaders search for a magic pill, i.e. a 1-2 hour training session because of the lack of time, patience and experience to find and fix the root cause.

In reality, it’s difficult to know what Walter’s real problem is.

For example:

  • Is it an unmotivated sales staff, or
  • Could the sales people not be getting to the right decision-maker?
  • Is the sales process faulty, missing key steps?
  • Could it be weak qualification skills, or even weak sales management?

It’s difficult to know without having accurate insights. When you resolve the root cause, the closing problem goes away. And how do you do that? Not with a magic pill. With our proven process we thoroughly examine your sales systems, processes, skills and staff to ensure you’re fixing the right problem to grow your sales.

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