R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Tips for Mentoring Millennial Salespeople in the Workplace

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Tips for Mentoring Millennial Salespeople in the Workplace

While on my recent motorcycle trip through Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I took a day off to start reading, The Respect Effect: Using the Science of Neuro leadership to Inspire a More Loyal and Productive Workplace. This grasped my attention:

“The best leaders are the ones who motivate employees to want to perform at the highest level possible – which is never accomplished with an iron-fist style of management. The best results are achieved through one of the most basic human behaviors: the showing of respect.”

I hold the same viewpoint. In fact, I cover the topic in my upcoming book: Millennial Matters: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leader that’s due on bookshelves in Nov. Plus, it affirmed the focus of our recent blog series.

“When there’s mutual respect and trust, collaboration happens.”
~ Danita Bye

Here’s a summary of the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. mentoring and coaching action steps we covered:

React Positively to Millennial Leaders

In this post we identify five important areas where you can react positively to help build respectful, collaborative relationships with your sales teams. It’s all about paying attention to communication: clear, positive, frequent, constructive, and involving them in the process. READ MORE

Encourage Your Millennial Sales Leader

We cover six steps in which you can develop respecting others as part of your young leader’s Relationship Wiring. Sight, Sound or Touch – what do you observe as your Millennial’s preferred communication mode? We also look at eliminating negative labels, the uniqueness factor, and some more. The six steps are vitally important, so I suggest revising this post. READ MORE

Strengthen Your Sales Results with Sensitivity (Part 1)

Is this possible? Yes!! By asking 3 strategic questions about Desire, Commitment and Responsibility you can increase your young leader’s sensitivity to his or her strengths:

  • Desire – How intense is your Desire to be successful?
  • Commitment – What is your level of commitment?
  • Responsibility – Are you a blame-gamer or do you take personal responsibility? READ MORE

Strengthen Your Sales Results with Sensitivity (Part 2)

In part 2 of this blog post we look at what really motivates a person (and we’re all unique), the importance of gaining clarity, and real life stories of failure with a positive outcome you can share with your Millennial Leader as part of his or her leadership development. READ MORE

Politeness: What’s your Millennial Leader’s Perception?

The list of “how to be polite” is endless, but we focus on a crucial aspect, the sales conversation with a new prospect. The old adage ‘First Impressions Last’ is still true – don’t multi-task or interrupt when your prospect is talking – not even when you have a brilliant idea. READ MORE

Extraordinary Kindness Builds Healthy Sales Teams

As a pre-med student at the University of Sioux Falls I had an internship with Dr. Bob Larsen, a general surgeon from Denver. From him I learned the meaning of extraordinary kindness. Review this post and see how serving from the heart builds relationships and makes mentoring fun. READ MORE

Consideration can Improve Performance Significantly

Respect flourishes when we build considerate relationships with others. How do you mentor your Millennial Leader on the importance of consideration? You identify the hat he or she is wearing, clearly express encouragement and build bridges, not walls. Take a look at this post again for more detail. READ MORE

Timeliness: Coach your Millennial Leader on its Value

Regardless of our role or which industry we’re in, relationships will always be a part of it. Invite your Millennial sales and business leader to valueand respect their own unique identity that’s in collaborative, authentic relationship with their colleagues, clients, followers, peers, friends and family. READ MORE

Let’s leverage the new insights from neuroscience to help us maximize our business, energize Millennial leaders, and realize our leadership legacy.

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