One Powerful Question to Achieve Breakthrough Sales Growth (5 Bold Predictions Series)


One Powerful Question to Achieve Breakthrough Sales Growth (5 Bold Predictions Series)

In the first article of this series on Sales Growth Strategy, I talk about the robust LinkedIn discussion on the word “break.” My friend and colleague, Paula Norbom, suggests we can –

• take a break,
• make a break,
• break apart, or,
• break away.

I added “Breakthrough,” in honor of the 5 Success Mindset series.

Now, I’m adding the next one to this list… “Ice-breaker.” What am I thinking?

No, I’m not referring to the fun games we play at parties to make help guests become acquainted with each other. I’m talking about the gigantic special-purpose vessels that cut through seemingly impenetrable blocks of ice.

Having grown up at The Triple T Ranch, it seems a bit odd that I would be in awe of icebreaker ships. But, I am. Maybe it’s because the prairie seems as vast and formidable as the gigantic ice landscapes that these ships must cross.

An icebreaker ship is designed to enable people to sail through ice-covered waters. With grit and determination, they press forward, cracking the ice and opening a safe pathway for others to follow. For a ship to “qualify” as an icebreaker, it requires three traits most normal ships lack: a strengthened hull, an ice-clearing shape, and the power to push through sea ice.

So, here’s my question for you to consider: Do you, your sales leaders, and your sales teams have the “ice-breaker” traits – the ability to break through the obstacles in the economy and market, to successfully navigate the perilous waters predicted for 2021?

In this series, we’re discussing “ice-breaker” leadership and sales strategies. The power of the 5 Success Mindsets strengthens all on the team so that they are mentally strong, having the grit and determination to push through the ice obstacles in front of them.  These 5 Success Mindsets enable you, your sales managers, and your salespeople to produce breakthrough sales growth results – to crack the ice and chart new paths for your business.

When implementing this one powerful question and nurturing the 5 Success Mindsets, your sales managers and sales teams will be able to:

-launch new services and products,

-tap new markets, and

-open new accounts.

The 5 Success Mindsets Series is rooted in my one favorite question.

“What might I do to make a positive impact?”

How to Increase Sales in Times of Chaos and Uncertainty

Many of my clients realize that their successful sales strategies of the past may not work for the future…the way forward seems about as difficult as it is to navigate the Northern Passageway.

Are you, like other Presidents, business and sales leaders, and CEOs, uncertain about the best way forward to grow your business in these New Normal times?

These are the concerns I often hear from business leaders, like yourself…

  • “Are my salespeople mentally tough enough to sell in this rapidly shifting economy?”
  • “Do my salespeople have the fire-in-the-belly drive to go after new accounts, even in a virtual selling world?”
  • “Can my salesforce sell higher-margin products and services, when competitors are dropping prices?”

I believe the practical insights in this series of articles create the culture change you need to shift course and crack the ice conditions you’re facing.

Leadership Development: 5 Success Mindsets that Create Breakthrough Results

In the introduction, 5 Bold Predictions – How to Build Breakthrough Mindsets in Times of Uncertainty, I talk about the reasons why we need five success mindsets to crack through the barriers that are blocking the way forward. The articles in this series take a deep-dive into  the 5 Success Mindsets.

Here’s a short summary of how, by asking one important question to develop the 5 Success Mindsets in your salespeople, you can experience breakthrough business and sales results.

Success Mindset #1 – Secrets to Improving Territory Sales Reviews and Your Sales Strategy The Secret to Superior Sales Growth Coaching
    • What” ignites a Future-Focused Mindset to create a step-by-step sales growth plan. This word stimulates productive, future-focused thinking that drives positive change and breakthrough results. As a future-focused leader, encourage your sales managers and salespeople to turn unproductive “why” and “who” questions, into “what” questions. A future-focused mindset creates breakthrough growth plans for your sales teams.
Success Mindset #2 – Sales Strategy Secrets to End 2020 on a High The Secret to Superior Sales Growth Coaching 
    • The word, “might, strengthens an Innovative Mindset that invites possibilities, options, and new connections when you’re attending Quarterly Pipeline and Sales Strategy Planning Meetings. This word unlocks the ability to search for new ways to tackle the sad-looking pipelines that our sales leaders are showing us. If you want to coach your salespeople how to increase sales, use the power of might to develop problem-solving skills. Might invites possibilities, options, and new connections.
Success Mindset #3 – The Secret to Superior Sales Growth Coaching The Secret to Superior Sales Growth Coaching
    • The tiny word, “I,” nurtures an Ownership Mindset so that your salespeople take responsibility for creating breakthrough solutions. To survive and thrive, we, along with our sales managers and salespeople, need to embrace an ownership mindset. By taking ownership of our reality, we expand our flexibility, effectiveness, and influence. An Ownership Mindset is the secret to effective sales growth coaching.
Success Mindset #4 – An Action-Packed Sales Strategy is the Secret to Superior Performance The Secret to Superior Sales Growth Coaching
    • Do” represents the Action Mindset that is needed to execute each sales managers and salesperson’s Annual or  Quarterly Sales Business Plan. If there’s no action, results will stay the same. By asking action-oriented or excuse-busting questions, you nurture personal responsibility in your salespeople.  This character quality is critical for high performance. An Action Mindset produces the momentum needed to reach sales growth goals.
Success Mindset #5 – Realistic Optimism Strengthens your Sales Strategy The Secret to Superior Sales Growth Coaching
    • To make a positive impact” is the phrase that invites your sales managers and salespeople to develop an Optimistic Mindset. This is how they are able to see opportunities. This is optimism based on reality.  Real facts are the foundation of optimism, and of making a positive difference. A valuable tool is the Success Mindset Analysis. An optimistic mindset uncovers the opportunities hiding behind the big rocks on your Millennial sales leader’s path.
Optimism is a confident belief, or mindset, that expects good outcomes even when facing tough circumstances. - Danita Bye, Millennials Matter Click To Tweet

Watch this video clip from my keynote at the Economic Times Sales Strategy Virtual Summit (India): How to use this one question to tap into the 5 success mindsets.

How to Increase Sales in Times of Chaos and Uncertainty

Why are these 5 Success Mindsets important for us to integrate into our sales teams now?

Experts predict that we will continue to experience market and economic disruption in 2021.  Your salespeople need a sales growth strategy that will create breakthrough solutions during these demanding times.

Your leadership has never been more important than right now. Your leadership matters…greatly.

Even as we’re carving out strategies to survive and thrive in the New Normal, I’m inspired by these words from Simon Sinek…

“The value of our lives is not determined by what we do for ourselves.  The value of our lives is determined by what we do for others.”

The 5 Success Mindsets will help you, your sales managers, and salespeople to produce breakthrough sales growth results. You’ll be able to launch new services and products, tap new markets, and open new accounts when implementing the one powerful question.

One Powerful Question to Create Breakthrough Sales Growth

In a recent LinkedIn meme, I posted this quote: “Change your questions, change your future.”

Then, I got these thought-provoking comments…

Anne Pryor – Smarter questions yield better results.

John Ramstead – Ask questions and then care about the answer.

Colleen Stanley – Carve out quiet time to think about the provocative questions that challenge current beliefs, comfort zones, and status quo.

It is my hope that the 5 Success Mindsets Series will create the breakthroughs your business needs. In the midst of all the uncertainty, your sales teams can be icebreaker ships that create new passageways. Together you will successfully deal with every obstacle that blocks your pathway to success.

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Leadership Lesson:

To inspire your sales teams to develop the 5 success mindsets that create breakthrough results, they need to ask the most important question, “What might I do to make a positive impact?”

Leadership Question:

What might you do to unlock your salespeople’s potential to create the breakthroughs your business need in 2021?

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