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As part of my research for Millennials Matter I conducted a survey with leaders from all walks of life. Here’s some of the top frustrations Leaders and CEO’s have with millennials: A know-it-all attitude, lack of accountability, character-development and determination, disregard for the value of work and low conflict resolution skills. How concerned are you with transitioning key roles in your business to your Millennial Leader?

“Ramp up your efforts to mentor Millennials for leadership roles in your business.” – Danita Bye

  Charlie is the President of a technology company and Millennials make up 35% of his current workforce. After completing the Millennial Survey, he sent me a very encouraging message as it aligns 100% with my Next-Gen leadership development recommendations. Charlie is purposefully proactive in developing the leadership qualities of his up-and-coming team, so that they will help build his company. Why is this so important? Researchers project that nearly 80 percent of current business leaders and CEOs will retire within the next ten years.[1] Each one will take with them decades of experience and wisdom. What is your transition strategy to ensure your company will continue to reap the rewards of the blood and sweat you’ve invested over the years? [1]It's Time To Retire Retirement