3 Powerful Tips to Motivate Your Millennial Sales Leader – Millennial Leadership


3 Powerful Tips to Motivate Your Millennial Sales Leader – Millennial Leadership

In my recently released eBook, Millennial Sales Motivation, I share details of a 3-Step Coaching to build a motivational culture where your Millennial sales leaders are motivated 24/7.  What sales strategies do you have in mind to make a positive impact on your salespeople’s performance in 2021?

To launch them on their journey follow these 3 sales strategy steps:

1. Guide your salespeople to identify what they want, personally and professionally.

How can you facilitate their journey to discover what they want, as an individual, and as a salesperson?

2. Focus on the specific dreams that align with company vision, mission, values and goals.

How can you assist your salespeople to specify their long-term aspirations and align them with the company’s goals

3. Coach them to go after their personal goals, which now will also include going after company goals.

What resources can you provide to motivate sales energy so that your salespeople progress toward their goals?

Check out my video on How to Motivate Your Sales Team Through a Successful Sales Management Process: 

Top Tip:As a sales coach, you create motivation for each member of your team by assisting them to develop dreams and align their dreams to the company vision, mission, values and goals. ~ Danita Bye, Millennials Matter Click To Tweet


Leadership Development Lesson:

Motivated millennial salespeople require a “fire-in-the-belly” mindset. Without it, they will stall growth, instead of fueling needed personal or professional growth.

Leadership Development Question:

How can you give your emerging sales leader a clear picture of where he or she is headed and how they will get there?

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