Addendum: Report from my friend, Joe Wiegand, who recently visited Danae at STEMM

Addendum: Report from my friend, Joe Wiegand, who recently visited Danae at STEMM

Addendum: Report from my friend, Joe Wiegand, who recently visited Danae at STEMM:

“Those who complain or rail at missionary work in Africa, and who confine themselves to pointing out the undoubtedly too numerous errors of the missionaries and shortcomings of their flocks, would do well to consider that even if the light which has been let in is but feeble and gray it has at least dispelled a Stygian darkness.” – Theodore Roosevelt – African Game Trails – 1910

Though I’ve returned to North Dakota, I’m still smiling at the memories of my last day in Tanzania.

At Mbuguni, I visited North Dakota’s Danae Ann Bye who for two years has been working with Daniel Michael, Kilonzi Kokki, and others at the Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries to bring the light into the darkness for the children and families of Tanzania.

At the STEMM school and orphanage, children are fed, housed, and loved. Some 6,000 local children benefit from STEMM’s program to augment school meals. STEMM just completed constructing toilet facilities that replace others built fifty years prior used by thousands of students each day. The 100-acre farm has its challenges, but the tomato and other crops provide cash income for some 60 local workers and produce to be sold into the market for the benefit of STEMM’s programs or by roadside vendors, providing invaluable income for some of Tanzania’s poorest families.

How delighted I was to join some of STEMM’s youngsters to share with them the love of Jesus and the story of the teddy bear. Thanks to the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and the Theodore Roosevelt Association for donating the teddy bears. Futima stole my heart. Her cerebral palsy doesn’t dim her smile. Her mother serves as one of the house mothers in one of STEMM’s dormitories.

Danae’s mom and dad, Danita Bye & Gordon Bye and grandma and grandpa, Fred & Joyce Evans, are great friends of Medora. They’ve raised a daughter and granddaughter who inspires me to dare greatly and love boldly.

Finally, a few last shots from Tarangire National Park. Americans call the warthogs “Pumba” as in the Lion King character. I’ll never forget the elephants at sunset. As we took our morning hike, the baboons in the palm trees barking out their warnings that lions were nearby, we were led by Brenden Simonson. For protection, he has at the ready his grandfather’s Winchester .375 Model 70. Thanks to Jim Becky Weinreis for lifelong memories.

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