How to Find Your Game Changer Leadership Development Keynote Speaker

How to Find Your Game Changer Leadership Development Keynote Speaker

“Our strong character-based leadership matters NOW, more than ever.”

The world is changing at a staggering pace. Economically, technologically, digitally, and culturally we’re sprinting to keep up.
In the midst of the madness, I find focus and direction in my favorite question, “What might I do to make a positive impact?”

My Strategy for Leading Successfully is…

  • Step Up – I regularly review and realign my passion and purpose.
  • Step In – I embrace an action-oriented, ownership approach.
  • Step Out – I constantly look for opportunities to make a positive impact on everyone in my sphere of influence.

Author, Speaker, Catalyst

Why you might know me…

I’m the author of Millennials Matter, Proven Strategies for Building Your Next-Gen Leader.  I designed this practical how-to leadership guidebook, to help you stay ahead of the game as you develop leaders for the future.

What ignites my passion?

I’m energized when I work with business owners and leaders, focused on driving growth and performance. However, we work on more than the business results. The legacy they leave, both at work and at home, is equally important.

How I do my work…

My top Strengths-Finder trait is “Maximizer.” That’s why I compare my work ethic to that of the captain of an ice-breaker ship. Despite encountering seemingly impossible obstacles, I keep pushing forward.

Who do I want to work with?

Character-based leaders who want to do more than play golf or visit an island when they retire.

Current CEO’s, Presidents, Business Owners, and Sales Leaders who understand the importance of sharing their wisdom and knowledge with up-and-coming leaders.

Educators and spiritual leaders who are passionate about keeping the dream alive for our children and grandchildren.

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