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The leadership development interview with Scott Young of the Influencers Podcast went nothing like the pre-show conversation I had with Dave Donaldson! Yet, our conversation about Next-Gen and Millennial leadership spotlighted important insights. This is how Scott promotes our conversation:
  • Desperate for a change in leadership?
  • For someone you can trust?
  • Someone with clarity, character, and competence?
  • What if the leader that needs changing is you?

Dave Donaldson and Scott Young, invite me to a leadership development interview on  Influencers Podcast. The topic is: Effective Leadership in a Culture of Fear and Distrust. I know both Dave Donaldson and Scott Young through CityServe. In 2022 alone, they served 2.5 million people in need, with $126 Million Good-in-Kind distributed. They are making a local, national, and global impact.