Why Do Some Millennial Salespeople Succeed When Others Fail?

Why Do Some Millennial Salespeople Succeed When Others Fail?

Why do some salespeople succeed while others fail?

And why will a star business development rep in one company fail miserably in another?

Think about the leading and lagging people on your sales team and the environment in which they sell. Everyone faces the same competition, economy, and potential opportunities. However, some consistently outsell the rest.

Here’s the million-dollar question…


The answer – there is no one-size-fits-all “sales gene”. If you are considering hiring Millennials, you want to know their sales DNA – their “genes” – before you hire them. Simply put, you want to know that they will perform on your team before you hire them.

You will be delighted to learn that you do not need a geneticist to get the answers.

In our new Book, Millennial Sales Hiring, our 7-Step Process guides you through the recruiting, hiring, and fast-tracking of your high-performance Millennial Sales Team.

In recent years, the hiring practices have benefited greatly from new research. Our Sales Gene process builds on this knowledge and provides you a simple, clear road map to define your sales organization’s unique DNA requirements.

Millennial Sales Hiring
If you need guidance to decode your millennial candidate’s optimal sales DNA, get the Millennial Sales Hiring Book here.

Leadership Lesson: Growth-oriented sales leaders hire the naturals – those millennial salespeople with the right set of DNA potential to become top performers.

Leadership Question: How can you know if your new millennial candidate has the sales DNA to be a leading salesperson or BDR on your team before you hire them?

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