Do You Know How Much Hiring the Wrong Millennial Salesperson Cost your Business?

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Do You Know How Much Hiring the Wrong Millennial Salesperson Cost your Business?

Does gut-instinct work when hiring salespeople?

Hiring managers often make the same costly mistake when they bring in a new salesperson or business development rep. They try to identify a top salesperson through gut instinct during the interview process. Is that your standard practice too?

According to numerous workforce studies, interviews lead to almost 90 percent of hiring decisions . . . but are only 14 percent accurate in predicting success. Just 14 percent!

Experienced Sales leaders know that resumes and interviews can only tell you so much about how a hire will perform in your company when they hire. More importantly, why is it so crucial to eliminate hiring mistakes?

Our research indicates that estimates for sales hiring mistakes run from between $100,000 to over $1,000,000.

In our new eBook, Millennial Sales Hiring, we will guide you through our 7-Step Process to recruit, hire, and fast-track your high performance Millennial Sales Team. You will learn about our Sales Gene process. It works because it takes an insight-based, rather than, she-really-seems-like-a-nice-person approach to sales talent acquisition.

Millennial Sales Hiring
If you need help to avoid the pitfalls of hiring Millennials with superior sales DNA, get the Millennial Sales Hiring eBook here.

Leadership Lesson: Businesses that hire purely based on interviews and intuition throw away thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars on salespeople who will more than likely fail. 

Leadership Question: How much does hiring the wrong millennial salespeople and business development reps for your sales positions cost your business?

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