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A seasoned leader that I coach asked a legitimate question: “Does the next-gen leader I’m working with have what it takes to be successful in their current role and to build a career? Will they be able to carry forward and implement the strategies we have in place.Since the world is changing at such a rapid pace, and our future depends on this generation, how should we, the experienced business leader, respond to the millennial challenge?Should we write off this generation and wait for the next?

"Help your up-and-coming leader to form solid character, build authentic confidence and value synergistic collaboration." - Danita Bye
During a recent conversation with Cathy Paper, the publicist of Millennials Matter, we discussed my motivation for the three main categories of my new book.Here’s a short summary of why I decided to write about Character, Confidence and Collaboration. It might provide deeper insight into the WHY of your mentoring and coaching work with your millennial sales leader.What is your strategy to develop these qualities in your millennial leader?

In doing research for my book, Millennials Matter, and for a Forbes article, Five Things Your Millennial Leader Needs From You, I gained important insights about the unique leadership coaching needs of this talented generation. Interestingly, it became a talking point during my conversation with Tony, the president of an engineering company.Tony was extremely enthusiastic when we talked about the red-hot markets they were pursuing. However, when we switched gears and started discussing sales execution, his countenance cooled.

“When your Millennial team stays in a place of high energy all day, they become impactful leaders.” – Danita Bye

“Imagine if every moment of our workday was filled with stuff we love to do, where we’re super jazzed, always operating in our sweet spot? We could claim ultra-productive, never-stressful days! How can I be jazzed 24/7?”These words came from one of the young up-and-coming entrepreneurs during a discussion on leveraging our strengths to grow our businesses.  We all laughed, and nodded in agreement. However, we all know this is not always possible.How are you coaching your leadership team to pay attention to what jazzes them?